Familiarity Blindness in Your Church: 7 Ways to Cure It

Familiarity blindness is a malady that infects us all. It happens when we become so familiar with something that we no longer consciously see it.

How ChatGPT Can Make You a Better Pastor

I have been using ChatGPT, and it is amazing. So far, I have used it in writing video scripts, sermon illustration generation, email template generation, blog idea generation, and sermon text identification.

5 Myths People Spread About Jesus, Sex and Gay Marriage

Many marriages, and many aberrations of marriage, are described (not prescribed) in the Bible. So the question that often gets asked is, “What about Jesus and marriage ? What did He say?”

An Example of a Statement of Faith

A statement of faith reveals the doctrine of the church. Expecting all people to agree with everything is more cult-like than Christ-like. However, we must have parameters of belief. Otherwise, the church will break under the stress of disunity.

7 Traits of an Insecure Leader

Insecurity can be disguised, but it can't be hidden.

How To Stop Living in the Past So You Don’t Miss Your Future

Are you living in the past? If there’s something from your past that you are holding on to, there’s a great chance you haven’t attached yourself to something new in your present or toward your future.

God’s Word and the Universal Problem of Suffering

What is more universal to human experience than suffering? And what is more important than the perspective we bring to it?

The Church Has Left The Building – But WE Are Still the Church!

I miss church. I bet you do too. And I bet that you or someone in your house has said this exact phrase over the past 6 weeks. What exactly does it mean that we are the church?

10 Things You Should Know About Lifting of Hands in Worship

Lifting of hands is part of worship in many churches. Worship involves our bodies as well as our hearts and minds. Our posture tells...

Teen Girls in Crisis

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recently released its Youth Risk Behavior Data Summary and Trends Report: 2011-2021. If there was one headline above all others it would be this: “Teen Girls Are in Crisis.”

What Does It Really Mean To Be Blessed?

The Bible offers a far more expansive vision for what it means to be blessed than the common understanding.

A Vital Pastoral Need: Friendship for Leaders

A friend of mine asked me to reflect on the meaning of friendship for a church leader (but really: any leader). What an important question he asked: What did I learn about friendship for leaders during my years as a pastor?

4 Mistakes Churches Make When Setting a Pastor’s Salary

When it comes to a pastor’s relationship with his church, the issue of pay can be a touchy subject. Here are four mistakes churches make when setting a pastor's salary that can result in unnecessary tension.

The 4 Biggest Assets in My Grief

Grieving a loved one’s death is a long, often lonely, always painful process. Four key players stand out in my continued healing journey through grief.

How to Communicate With Your Team Well While Traveling

I average flying about 200,000 miles a year. During that process, I’ve learned a few things that help me communicate well with family, co-workers, clients, bosses, and others.

Doing Church Biblically Can Be Messy

Making sure you have a biblical church is often a messy, difficult, and uncomfortable process. There are many, easier approaches pastors can take with their churches, none of which are honoring to God.

101 Easter Sermons and Others Ideas for Your Church

With these 101 Easter sermons and ideas for your church, you'll be ready to celebrate our risen Savior this year!

What Is Revival? A Guide for Gen Z

Here’s something interesting: The word “revival” is never mentioned in the New Testament—not even once. Maybe it’s because what we call revival God calls Standard Operating Procedure.

7 Ways Senior Pastors Can Engage Teenagers To Listen to Their Sermons

With teens' short attention span, preaching engaging sermons for teenagers (and even adults) is not easy. But if you are a senior pastor, and there are teenagers in the room, you had better engage them or you will lose them.

DC Talk’s Drummer, MercyMe’s Sound Man Unexpectedly Dies

DC Talk's drummer Rick “Mayday” May unexpectedly died on Friday (March 24) after a fungal infection he had been battling led to other complications that resulted in liver failure. He was 54.

Gabe Lyons: Engage Culture and Reverse Negative Cultural Stereotypes

Gabe Lyons of Q Ideas addresses questions like: What are some perceptions people have of Christians? Why is it so hard for Christians to engage culture?