5 Ways You and the People in Your Church Grow Strength Through Weakness

God gives us strength through weakness. He uses seasons of weakness to pry our hands off things that are not Him. Here are 5 ways we grow strength through weakness.

Overly Exposed and Overly Anxious: Building Resiliency in America’s Youth Against Virtual Messages

Modern technological advances have made life more convenient than ever. Yet anxiety, particularly in America’s youth, continues to skyrocket in the millennium.  

Could You Spot Judas?

There was absolutely no indication that anything was “off” in Judas’ preaching ministry. No indication that he was the guy in the group who just couldn’t seem to drive out demons.

The Lazy Pastor

At the outset of a difficult topic - pastoral laziness - I want to be clear that my purpose is to encourage both pastors...

A Healthy Church Is a Mindful and Resilient Church

Mindfulness practices and Christian faith are complementary, a natural blend for Christians in search of mental wellness, self-awareness and closeness to God.

5 Mature Responses From a Leader When a Team Is Stressed

There are some mature responses expected—and needed—from the leader when a team is stressed.

The Biggest Secret To Successfully Making Group Leadership Decisions

I help leaders make decisions every day. Unfortunately, many organizations fail to operate at peak efficiency because of how they make, or refuse to make, decisions.

6 Ways To Find Green Grass in the Desert

God has a way of granting us water in a dry land, hope in the arid, green grass in the desert. Here are some ways to be encouraged to carry your green grass with you no matter how dry your desert might be

3 Reasons Why the Way You Treat Your Spouse Matters

The way you treat your spouse reveals their value to you. We naturally prioritize and praise what we value. Our kids see this.

God Forgives Because God Is Faithful

It takes humility to recognize that God’s grace and forgiveness are dependent on his goodness and not ours.

Bored With the Gospel?

When I sit back and read the deluge of thoughts and opinions online about what the church ought to be doing, I sense a noticeable lack of focus on the gospel.

Are You a People-Pleasing Pastor With Your Board?

People pleasing can be a real problem for pastors, and it can keep them and their churches from reaching their highest potential.

How To Avoid Making an Idol of Your Marriage and Spouse

What helped my wife and I most avoid idolatry in marriage was that over the years, we came to say—and to really believe—that we were each other's second best friend.

False Teachers and the People Who Follow Them

Some false teachers aren’t just misinformed. Some are narcissistic and proud. Some are evil. Not everyone who has something to say about God is motivated by good. Their character is off. Their devotion to God is fake. Some have the appearance of godliness, but deny its power.

50 Best Memorial Day Quotes: Famous Sayings to Remember Our Heroes

To honor the brave men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military, we've gathered a list of Memorial Day quotes for you to use in recognition of their sacrifice.

Don’t Let Your Spiritual Senses Atrophy

Use it or lose it, Christian. Don't let your spiritual senses atrophy. As a child of light, don't spend your life dwelling in the darkness.

How To Create Effective On-Ramps for Church Engagement

Every pastor recognizes the necessity of local church participation and engagement.

13 Signs Your Organization Has a Healthy Learning Culture

Smart leaders are passionate about personal growth, and part of growth is constant learning. Combining these two fundamental leadership concepts results in the creation of a learning culture.

10 Church Growth Myths That Ruin Pastors

there are a number of subtle beliefs that still creep up that aren't healthy. In fact, they're downright superstitious and, at times, dangerous to the church. They are church growth myths.

4 Reasons Why Money Lures Us Away From the Faith

Why does money have the potential to make us wander from the faith? Here are four reasons for you to consider.

Televangelist James Robison Denies He Knew Robert Morris Allegedly Committed Child...

Following the recent resignation of Robert Morris as Gateway Church’s senior pastor, Life Outreach International, formerly known as The James Robison Evangelistic Association (JREA), released a statement saying the organization was unaware of the Morris' alleged sexual abuse of a 12-year-old.

Daniel Im: How Not To Let the Consumers Drive the Strategy...

Daniel Im joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to explain how pastors can lead more effectively in a “post-everything” world and why their communities contain more than just the non-Christians and the Christians.