Fla. Church Launches Live Channel on Roku

Northland, A Church Distributed offers the first-ever live church channel.

Notes from Catalyst

Did you miss Catalyst? No problem. Tony Morgan shares his notes to keep you in the know.

Leading Your Church to Reflect the Neighborhood

It starts with a sober assessment of where our churches are.

The Sin of Not Wanting Enough

The sort of faith that pleases God is the kind that is created by him through the gospel.

You've Got One Thing on Them

If you're feeling vastly inferior to those who are "successful" in your field and your indignity has only been expounded by the ...

Can A Pastor Be an Effective Politician?

When I first started college I had dreams of serving in public life and possibly one day being a Senator.  That dream was...

Does Theological Cluelessness = Church Segregation?

I want to make a connection between two different articles I read this afternoon and I’m curious whether you see the same correlations. The...


Life has been full. There is rarely a dull day these days. But both in stillness and busyness, I’m amazed and humbled. But over the...

Weapons of Choice

Collide Magazine recently asked me to contribute to their “Weapons of Choice” feature for a recent issue.  Other contributors included Carlos Whittaker, Barton Damer,...

One God Idea

In my last book, Primal, I wrote a chapter titled One God Idea. It comes out of this conviction that one God idea...

Distant Alarm

Several months ago, in preparation to travel out of town to attend a ministry event, I set my phone alarm to wake me up...

Don’t Allow Past Mistakes to Rob You of an Amazing Future!

Hey pastor, church leader… So, your ministry hasn’t exactly been what you thought it would be? You have pain, regrets, frustrations and disappointments…and…the problem is...

Speak the Truth in Love

We recently had a gathering at the house with friends. Both Emily and I really enjoy hosting folks in our home, and we’re constantly...

Would Jesus Attend Catalyst?

This post grew from the realization that because of Catalyst, I have not experienced more peer pressure in my life since fraternity recruitment...

"Blue Like Jazz" Fans Save Film Project

Supporters raise over $65,000 to rescue film project based on a beloved Christian book.

Woman Charged for Destroying Jesus Art

CNN Reports that a woman was charged after destroying a controversial art exhibit depicting Jesus.

User Friendly

Steven Furtick: "The greatest expression of the Gospel that we can have is the simplest."

4 False Ideas that Destroy Leaders

Perry Noble shares four dangerous ideas to avoid as a leader.

Stumbling Blocks to Church Change

Revitalization expert Tom Cheyney discusses why change isn't always easy work in churches.

Change Happens! We Cannot Escape!

Church revitalization specialist Tom Cheyney offers help for the challenge of leading a church through change.

At Pro-life Gala, Former Supermodel Kathy Ireland Challenges Churches To ‘Wake...

Former supermodel Kathy Ireland was honored for her pro-life advocacy at the 2023 Live Action Gala on Saturday, Sept. 23. The Christian entrepreneur told attendees that churches need to “wake up.”

Arthur Brooks: Why You Don’t Need To Have a Midlife (Ministry)...

Dr. Arthur Brooks joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to share what few people realize about professional decline and how church leaders can make the most of the second half of their lives.