Articles for Pastors

Pastors: Bush is Christian, Oprah Isn't

In a new study pastors express their views about the faith of public people.

Are Churches Missing the Mark on Accountability?

Alan Danielson, Dave Ferguson and Tim Stevens share their insights.

Do We Neglect the Old Testament?

The OT is not a deflated sail that needs NT air to get moving.

Is Church in the Way?

How do we reach a generation that doesn't care about finding a church on Sunday morning?

3 Problems with Unmet Expectations

It’s hard to hold someone responsible for expectations you’ve never given them.

Barna: "Reformed" Movement in U.S. Churches?

The Barna Group comments on the suggested new "reformation" in American churches today.

4 Stages of Mentoring Success

Whether you're a janitor, a designer, or a pastor, look for people who can learn from what you do.

Apple Pulls Manhattan Declaration App

Apple has removed the app associated with the Manhattan Declaration because of complaints that it is offensive.

Very Religious Less Likely to be Depressed

A Gallup poll shows those with religion as part of their daily life are less likely to have mood disorders and negative emotions.

Warren, Bush Discuss Leadership Imperatives

Rick Warren interviews George W. Bush at Saddleback Church.

Hybels and Fast Company

Bill Hybels leverages the best of the business world to train church leaders.

3 Tips for Virtual Office Hours

Would your people utilize “virtual office hours” if you had them?

How to Write a Better Story

Don Miller: "People who live good stories are too busy to write about them."

'Tis the Season to be…Atheist?

Atheist organizations are stepping up their campaigns for the Christmas season.

Kick-Start Your Church

Ed Stetzer encourages leaders to have a clear sense of calling.

When Church Size Matters

Is your church too large to be responsive but too small to be competitive?

Americans Differ on What Constitutes Sin

Most Americans believe in the concept of sin but vary widely on what activities are sinful.

Nearly 4 in 10 Say Marriage is Obsolete

A Pew Research Center/Time magazine survey shows marriage may be in decline.
4 Irreplaceable Tasks of the Senior Pastor

4 Irreplaceable Tasks of the Senior Pastor

Four works every senior pastor must be continuously prioritizing.

Grab a Pint With God: Bible Studies in Bars

An article in the Globe and Mail explores the trend of religious groups meeting in bars and pubs.

Latest News

Bob Buford: Mega-Force Behind Megachurch Movement Dies at 78

In 1999, Bob Buford helped sell the family business interest in order to create philanthropic initiatives designed to serve churches.

New Podcasts

Jamie Mertens: Keep it Simple, Let God Work

“We want to keep everything lightweight, low maintenance and high quality.  For the purpose of being able to respond to what God is doing in the community versus manufacturing something and then asking God to bless it.” - Jamie Mertens