Articles for Pastors

Why Honesty is Tricky for Pastors

"I am increasingly convinced that people don’t want the whole truth," says Shaun King.

UnLearning Church

Mike Slaughter: "A one-size-fits-all approach toward growth will definitely not be the most effective model of the 21st century."

Breaking the Rural Rules

"Let there be no doubt that the vision of the leader becomes the vision of the church," says Shannon O'Dell.

Church Leaders & On-the-Job Stress

Do church leaders experience stressors on the job the same way other industries do?

Mohler: Evolution Can't Mix With Christianity

Noted seminary president says evolution is incompatible with the Gospel.

Preaching a Faith Worth Believing In

"The Christianity worth believing in is about more than what we can get out of it," says James Choung.

Study: Doctors' Non-Belief Could Hasten Death

Atheistic and agnostic physicians are more likely to treat terminally ill patients using methods that will end their lives.

Connect Your Vision to the Cause

"A vision can be personal, but a cause is bigger than any one person," says Brian Houston.

12 Recovery Tips for Vision Statement Addicts

It’s such a joy to receive daily correspondence from pastors and church teams taking vision seriously in the name of Jesus. Often questions come...

Exclusive Q & A with Kary Oberbrunner

We talk to Kary about his new book, Your Secret Name, and why it's so controversial.

5 Keys to Leading Change

"Wanting the churches we pastor to change is part of our DNA," says Chuck Warnock.

Does Church Size Matter?

Craig Groeschel asks why some people go to small churches and others go to large?

20 Non-Preaching Websites for Better Preaching

A editor offers 20 sites to help your sermon prep.

Does Segregated Worship Hurt the Church?

Florida megachurch announces they will combine their worship services for greater unity.

Great Leaders Do Simple Things Well

"Be exceptional at ordinary things."

Leading from the Side

"I’m not advocating that you always or only lead from the side, but that you do so when it makes sense."

The Most Difficult Leadership Question

"Our sin nature propels us to an excessive and unhealthy focus on ourselves," says Sam Rainer.

6 Reasons Why Pastors Should Blog

"There is no better way to simply and quickly share your writing than by maintaining a blog."

80% Say Sex Offenders Belong in Church

New survey reveals attitudes and practices relating to released sex offenders at church.

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