Articles for Pastors

Study: Prayer Helps Women's Negative Emotions

New research shows prayer increases positive self-perception in women suffering in abusive relationships.

Most OK with "Merry Christmas," Displays

Polls show that most Americans are fine with the phrase "Merry Christmas," but fewer actually use it.

Bill Hybels: Hearing God's Voice

We talk to one of the most influential church leaders in America about God's promptings.

Make Surprise Meetings Work

Sometimes, the most important things are discussed during impromptu meetings.

John Piper Returns to Pulpit in January

Pastor, author and speaker John Piper will return from his leave of absence and begin ministry again in January.

Thomas Kinkade Files Chapter 11

Popular painter Thomas Kinkade endures trouble from bankruptcy and accusations of fraud.

Don't Let Betrayal Take You Hostage

Mike Foster offers his thoughts on recovering from betrayal as a leader.

50 Ways to Advance Your Ministry on the Web

What you do online can help expand your ministry.

Recession Catches Up to U.S. Churches

A new report from LifeWay Research says offering dollars are declining despite the ending recession.

Barna Shares 6 Church Megathemes from 2010

Is the religious environment in the U.S. morphing into something new?

To Us, Through Us

Steven Furtick: "There’s necessary groundwork that needs to be done before God’s Word can flow through us."

Blockbuster, Netflix, and the Church

Those who fear innovation will risk reaching fewer people.

"Vision Idolatry:" Four Traps

Will Mancini reminds us that vision and purpose are great--right up until they become modern-day idols.

The Costume Kingdom

Are you really living for the kingdom of God or living for yourself?

Yoga: Should Christians Do It?

The practice of yoga is falling under new spiritual scrutiny as an Indian-American group tries to take back yoga's Hindu roots.

Study: Faith Beliefs Don't Make You Happier

A new study shows religious beliefs are not what satisfies--spiritual identification and friendships are.

A Great Awakening Is About to Start

We are long overdue for another nationwide revival.

3 Ways to Cut Through the Noise

Kerry Bural: "Here are 3 ways you can cut through the white noise and get noticed."

Church Leaders Call for Action on New START

Ratification of the New START will give the United States new rights to inspect Russian nuclear weapons.

Latest News

Bob Buford: Mega-Force Behind Megachurch Movement Dies at 78

In 1999, Bob Buford helped sell the family business interest in order to create philanthropic initiatives designed to serve churches.

New Podcasts

Jamie Mertens: Keep it Simple, Let God Work

“We want to keep everything lightweight, low maintenance and high quality.  For the purpose of being able to respond to what God is doing in the community versus manufacturing something and then asking God to bless it.” - Jamie Mertens