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Pastor How To's

Pastor how to's help church pastors face daunting cultural and leadership challenges. More than ever, church leaders need leadership resources and pastoral resources to enable them to advance the gospel of Jesus in these challenging times. is dedicated to providing resources and information for every church pastor. If you serve on a church staff as a senior pastor, executive pastor, teaching pastor, or any other pastoral role, you’ll find must-have pastoral and connections to a community of church leaders for greater Kingdom impact worldwide. Church leaders from every denomination find pastor how to's, encouragement, inspiration, teaching tips, and support they are looking for here at Join millions of pastors who look to us for resources and encouragement for church leadership. Leading your church is not only about preaching and teaching, but it is also about your relationship with Jesus. You will also find inspiration, encouragement, and help to keep your relationship with God strong and vibrant.

18 Ways to Ruin Your Reputation on Facebook

Every time we post, we risk hurting others and ourselves.

10 Tips for a Mission-Minded Thanksgiving

We don’t have to be Jedi-master evangelists to be agents of the gospel among those we know best.

Your Weakness Is No Problem

We are given the Lord’s standard for our behavior. But knowing the weaknesses of humans, the Lord also built in a fail-safe plan for dealing with our failures.

Pastor: No Whining, Please!

The line between whiner and leader is optimism.

Missionaries Need Accountability, Too: 4 Best Practices for the Local Church

Without a penny to waste in most mission budgets, we need good practices and healthy relationships with our missionaries.

Get a TON Done (Without Doing a Ton More)

Our event should have taken 10 months to plan—but we only had two months to pull it off.

One Body, One Head, Many Parts: Why We Need Each Other

Unlike the power-hungry ways of the world, “leadership” in the church is always framed in terms of servanthood or building others up.

11 Ways to Evaluate Your Preaching and Teaching

Pastor Churck Lawless: "You are proclaiming the most significant message in the world. Thus, those of us who do this work must be open to evaluation."

7 Spiritual Challenges for Imperfect Leaders (Like Us)

What about those weaknesses that are common to man: the sins which arise out of our struggle with the flesh and with humanness?

“Why?” Isn’t the Most Important Question

"Why" demands and answer. Why deals in theories, ideas and concepts.

The Surprising, Guilt-Free Reason 80 Percent of Churches Don’t Break the 200 Barrier

Big churches and small churches are different. But it’s not a difference of quality, theology or willingness.

Take a Sunday Off—4 Strategic Reasons Why

Sure, go ahead and take a Sunday off every once in a while. But Josh Reich says be smart about it.

4 Questions to Avoid an Overloaded Fall Calendar

A lot of churches launch a lot of things in the fall. How much is too much?

2 Ways to Deal With “Religious Rock-Throwers”

If your first response to someone’s failure isn’t forgiveness, then you have missed the gospel.

Are You a Clueless Leader? How Would You Know?

Ron Edmondson lists 10 traits of an "unaware leader." You might be surprised to see yourself in the list.

Leadership Fatigue: 13 Sure Signs

Over the years, I’ve watched leaders slide into defeat, and I’ve seen some of these common signs of trouble.

6 Reasons Why *Every* Pastor Should Have a Blog

Your church is growing, and you've got to find a way to connect with everyone.

Jesus’ Biggest Risk: Leaving the Church in Our Hands

It’s a heckuva way to run a railroad, but I can’t find any way around it: Jesus poured himself into flawed men.

Why the Church Is Filled With “Functional Agnostics”

Mike Breen presents a startling challenge to church leaders everywhere. Will we listen?

5 Ways to Fight Back Against Your Insecurities

What to do when we realize the weight of our position, but don’t feel qualified to deliver.

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ELCA Now a ‘Sanctuary Church Body’ for Migrants

The Evangelical Lutheran Church voted to become a "sanctuary church body". The first of its kind, the ELCA committed to doing things like provide shelter to undocumented immigrants.

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JD Greear: Here Is How to Keep the Gospel, Not Politics,...

JD Greear says, “Church-defining issues are the gospel, and we can disagree on secondary matters even with unity in primary ones.” At times this might seem impossible, but this week on our podcast, JD shares how to prioritize the gospel over any other issue...even politics.