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Articles for Small Group Leaders

Christmas: Peace is Better Than Gold

God is waiting to give you His peace. You just need to give Him your problem.

Unlearn What You Have Learned

Yoda gives wisdom about leadership.

The Cultural Need for Hospitality

Outside of family, Americans have lost the ability to exercise hospitality.

Does Community Lead to Mission and Vice Versa?

Scott Boren challenges contemporary thinking about mission creating community.

What's on Your Mind? Part 3

Rick Warren shares some tips on how to keep your mental edge in ministry.

What's on Your Mind? Part 2

The best way to stay mentally fit, by Rick Warren.

The Dreaded Small Group Question: "Of or With?"

Can we exist somewhere beyond this distinction?

John Wesley on Doubling Groups

"I believe that the success of Wesley was due to his habit of establishing small groups," asserts Josh Hunt.

Couple Fined for Holding Bible Study in Their Home

A California couple is fined $300 for hosting a Bible study the city says violates a municipal code.

What's on Your Mind? Part 1

Rick Warren writes about what we can to do stay mentally fit.

Hiring a Coach is a Great Leadership Choice

Think about the biggest problem you are facing right now; a consultant can help with that.

Recovery Groups are Mainstream

"We all need recovery because we are all sick," says Bill Donahue.

Small Groups Impact Countries

Changing the world happens one small group at a time.

What Are You Sacrificing for the Gospel?

Sometimes, leaders mistakenly confuse busyness or activity as sacrifice.

How to Let Go of the Past (Part 2)

I must give up my grudges and my grief.

Life is All About Timing

Life is all about timing, but whose timing?

Evaluating Your Group Against Acts 2

How "inward" and how "outward" is your group?

Why Churches Wither and Die

When churches find security in anything other than Christ, they die.

Drift Happens

Are you off course, even just a little bit?

Influential Christian Rapper and Westminster Theological Seminary Grad Denounces Christianity

For the last thirty years, rapper Brady “Phanatik” Goodwin has traveled the world preaching the gospel. This week, Goodwin announced he no longer believes what he wholeheartedly used to preach.

Jackie Hill Perry: Why We Have the Wrong Idea About God’s...

Jackie Hill Perry joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to share why the holiness of God is far more beautiful than we often think it is.

Articles for Small Group Leaders