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Small Group Leaders How To's

4 Great Questions to Engage Your Small Group Bible Study

The most common mistake that group leaders at a small group bible study make is to ask too many questions. If you ask too many questions, you don’t delve deeply into any of them and the same two or three people answer the questions again and again.

Get Along With God and Others: 11 Biblical Precedents

The God of the Bible is deadly serious about the work of getting along - with both others and how to get along with God.

Select FIT Leaders – Faithful Intentional Teachable

Through discussion with our staff team, we’ve chosen F.I.T. (faithful, intentional, teachable) as our criteria, because it reflects our desire to develop spiritually FIT disciples who will reproduce in the lives of others.

How to Engage Conflict in Small Groups

When you notice small group conflict be ready to pull out this list and walk through it. Believe me, your group will be grateful for you and your courage.

How to Make Your Own Community Calendar

Heling people can connect reveals that biblical community is an actual value of your church, projects your leadership expectations, and helps people to prepare. Start by designing a community calendar that includes no less than three church-wide opportunities per year for people to get plugged in.

5 Ways to Deal With A Gossip Group

Small group gossip is a killer. There is nothing more fatal than group gossip. It is the deadliest sin in group life.

How Small Groups Bring Redemptive Relationships

Within minutes of the group starting, I’m overwhelmed; not by the stress of another activity on the schedule, but by the sheer blessing of redemptive relationships.

3 Great Advent Ideas for Your Small Group

Advent is a great time to consider reaching out to your neighbors, friends, and family, sharing with them the real meaning behind Christmas. Below are Advent ideas for your small group.

How to Serve Small Group Communion

If you've never done this before, the idea certainly seems daunting, but here is a simple form by which your small group can share in small group communion.

What to Do If Your Small Group Is Too Big

Determining when a small group is too big is not as easy as it may seem.

11 Great Online Small Group Resources

Where can we find good small group Bible studies? What small group curriculum should our groups study? These are questions I frequently get asked at small group workshops and in conversations with pastors.

5 Key Steps to Men’s Small Groups

Andy Lie offers suggestions from his successful experience starting, renewing and maintaining men's small groups.

Online Small Groups – Which Method is Best?

When you think about types of online groups today, consider these two questions: What is the purpose of the group? How can groups meet online?

Treating Small Group Infections

There are at least three potential small group infections that we not only need to be on the lookout for, but to aggressively fight against and treat.

How To Be an Effective Bible Teacher in a Small Group

As a small group leader --and in order to be an effective Bible teacher -- you have to get the text in front of them.

How to Fill Your Small Group With Encouragement

Encouragement is one of the spiritual gifts explicitly referenced in the New Testament. It’s so important that God tells us it should be a daily practice.

Small Group Planning – How Often Should We Meet?

What’s better: 52 weeks per year, 36 weeks, 18 weeks? Should discipleship stop for Christian holidays? Here is some direction to navigate small group planning.

5 Small Group Principles That Change Lives

Jesus is comfortable with chaos of people's lives. Are you?

10 Commandments of Technology and Team

Virtually anything that can be productive can also be destructive.

3 Ways to Integrate Children Into Your Groups

Everyone benefits from children being part of your small group — 3 approaches for how to handle them.

Fans Can Pray With ‘The Chosen’ Cast Members by Joining Advent...

Cast members from hit series “The Chosen” are partnering with the Hallow app to lead an Advent prayer challenge. Actors who are participating include Jonathan Roumie (Jesus), George Harrison Xanthis (John the Evangelist), and Elizabeth Tabish (Mary Magdalene).

Trillia Newbell: How Church Leaders Can Deal With Fear and Anxiety

Trillia Newbell joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to explain how the Lord has helped her with her fear and anxiety and also to share some thoughts on women in ministry.

Small Group Leaders How To's