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Articles for Worship & Creative

The Mandy Test: Romance in Worship Lyrics

How far into the 'love song zone' are you comfortable going in worship?

Open the Eyes of My (Face), Lord

If you tend to close your eyes while leading worship, Bob Kauflin makes the case for keeping them open.

7 Deadly Sins of Twitter

Bill Seaver offers insight into these deadly sins to help you manage your Tweets.

How Musical Are You?

This fascinating survey from BBC Labs pinpoints your musical strengths.

Are You Too Nice as a Leader?

If you're not careful, you might become everybody's friend and nobody's leader.

Beware the Stage

Are you showing signs of being infected by our performance culture?

Embrace Your Limits

"Confessing our limitations and surrendering our dreams helps us hold power loosely," says Glenn Packiam.

Like It or Not: We Are Community

There is no such thing as an individual Christian. In a sense, we need each other for our salvation to be complete.

A License to Feel

No matter the size of your church, your worship experience can be so much more than music and a lecture.

Today Is My Birthday: A Reflection

Have you considered the story in which you find yourself?

The Here and Now and Not Yet

With God, what is complete may take time to come to pass, but, oh, what an ending!

Worship Rich or Mediocre?

Worship Leader Magazine's conversation with Christianity Today's Executive Editor David Neff on what gives worship songs longevity.

30 Books Every Christian Should Read

Reading books by wiser Christians is an effective way to grow.

3 of My Least Favorite Words

Doug Lawrence shares three buzz-words that often confuse more than clarify.

Unfinished Worship

What if the benefits of interaction outweighed the risks?

4 Guidelines for Leading Creatives

Learn how to create an environment where creative leaders flourish.

Modern Worship Goes Organic

Ireland's own The Rend Collective is just one of the bands changing the face of modern worship.

The Death of Christian Media

The Great Commission is about going into all the world, not just the Christian media world.

Voices from the Hinterland: Reflections on Creation and the Christian

Thoughts to instill a sense of purpose in the creative Christian voice

How Not to Read the Bible

"The Bible is not a collection of stories-with-a-point," says Glenn Packiam.

Flamy Grant Welcomed by Virginia Baptist Church; Protestor Holds Up Sign:...

Flamy Grant, the drag queen who attended this year’s Dove Awards alongside Derek Webb (Caedmon’s Call) and Grace Baldridge (Semler), performed at a Baptist church in Virginia on Saturday.

Matt Chandler, Part 2: How Parents Can Make the Most of...

Matt Chandler joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to share how parents can use time, moments and milestones to point their children to the goodness of God.

Articles for Worship & Creative