What a Humble Leader Looks Like

humble leader

We all know we’re supposed to be humble. But are you really a humble leader?

What Makes Someone a Humble Leader?

The Kingdom works in an upside-down fashion. It’s not about making it to the top. It’s never been about fame and recognition.

It’s serving a higher vision. It’s shining a spotlight on the glory of Jesus. It’s reaching people with the message of the Gospel.

So worship leaders, it’s time to humble ourselves. It’s time to stop looking in the mirror and look upon God’s people with compassion. It’s time to stop trying to be impressive and instead seek to serve hearts in worship.

But what does it really mean to be a humble leader?

A humble worship leader:

  • Gives others a chance
  • Is an equipper not just a doer
  • Values the presence of God
  • Loves the voice of the church over their own
  • Listens more than talks
  • Draws attention to the team
  • Leads others who are better than themselves
  • Is more impressed with God than their own talent
  • Prioritizes the kingdom over personal influence
  • Has a heart for leading people
  • Leads with compassion and understanding
  • Is open to feedback
  • Handles criticism with grace
  • Loves the church
  • Cares for the heart of the team they lead

Are you one of them?

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David is a Worship Pastor at Allison Park Church in Pittsburgh, PA.