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Worship & Creative How To's

5 Ways to Grow a Better Stage Presence

Many feel that it is something only “performers” should be worrying about, not us in the church.

Tips for Leading Liturgy

If you're thinking about incorporating liturgy into your worship services, these tips can help.

Tips to Keep Your Church Tech in Great Shape

Use these ideas to make sure you're keeping your equipment in tip-top condition.

12 Essential Habits for Smart Musicians

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a new leader, these tips can help you succeed.

A Video Projection Size and Brightness Cheat Sheet

Make your projected video live up to its potential with these tips.

Some Quick & Dirty Leadership Lessons I Learned When I Bought the Massive iPhone 6 Plus

"Spend enough time adapting to change and you will find a new and better normal."

How to Delegate the Right Way

Every good leader needs to delegate. Here's how to do so the right way.

4 Ways to Tell Your Congregation About Online Giving

Instead of just hoping people will give electronically, use these tips to tell them how.

5 Ways to Flow a Great Setlist

Figuring out worship order is one of the most important things a leader can do. Here's some help.

The Most Important Thing Each Member Can Do for the Worship Team

This vital, if often-overlooked, quality can make or break your church's music team.

5 Ways the Congregation Uses Mobile Tech During Church

How your worshipers are using their mobile devices might surprise you.

How to Avoid Awkward Worship Leading

Sometimes, standing up on stage leading worship can be a little ... well, awkward! Here's how to combat that.

How to Hunt Down a Great Song

Learning how to discern if you're on the right track when it comes to writing worship music.

How to Do Youth Ministry in a Shared Space

Not all student ministries have their own space to meet.

4 Church Wireless Security Tips

Keeping your WiFi safe and secure.

4 Costly Production Decisions You Can Avoid

Don't make these mistakes in your tech ministry.

How to Develop a Unique Sound

If you're trying to tackle original music in your church, here's how to make sure you're creating your own sound.

How to Get Through Monday Morning

Dealing with the day after worship can be tough. One worship pastor reflects on his experience.

Chuck Swindoll, 89, Moves to Founding Role at Stonebriar; Jonathan Murphy...

Chuck Swindoll will become the founding pastor of Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, Texas, with Jonathan Murphy stepping into the senior pastor role, the church announced.

David Ashcraft on the Surprising, ‘Deep Emotions’ He Felt Stepping Down...

David Ashcraft joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to talk about how leadership has changed, how pastors can leave their churches better than they found them, and the startling emotions he felt when he stepped down as senior pastor.

Worship & Creative How To's