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Worship & Creative How To's

Blessed Are the Influencers

Gary Molander: "The very best thing you can give the people in your care is the in-process version of you."

The Art of Innovation. Start the Change

Being a 'change maker' can sometimes be daunting. But you have no choice.

3 Biblical Ways to Engage Social Media

Carlos Whittaker: Humility does not come without humbling ourselves first.

Churches & Websites: Come on! You Can Do Better!

An invaluable piece of your outreach and marketing, most church websites are starving to death.

How Committed Is Your Tech Team Volunteer?

Need to know if your volunteers are 'all in'? Bryan Brooks' list will help.

How to Overcome Your Worship Addiction

The addiction to worship is a common problem. Are you worshiping worship or God?

Why You Must Lead Worship Like a Boy Scout

Ever had a worship moment when you wished you'd been prepared?

Audio Visual Troubleshooting

Bill Whitlock: "Don't start by changing things!"

How to Offer Artist Criticism Without Being a Jerk

When you feel the urge to offer criticism, follow these steps to make sure you're helping and not hurting the artists in your church.

How to Become a Daily Worshiper

Three short steps in the same direction will get you to the next level.

Creative Staging: Top 10 Inexpensive Finds for Dramatic Results

When you change the platform, you create expectation about what might happen next.

3 Tips for Finding Good Worship Songs

Matthew Starner offers three tips on finding good worship songs.

5 Brainstorming Techniques to Unleash Creativity

Carlos Whittaker shares 5 tips he's learned from years of creative meetings.

Get Rid of STDs (Smartphone Technology Distractions) Once And For All

Bryan Brooks helps you cut the tether to your devices.

The Secret to Leading the Older and Wiser

Brian Taylor offers four tips for leading those who are older, wiser, and even more competent than we are.

How Cool Can Easter Be?

Run out of solid Easter ideas? Kevin Hendricks' collection has you covered.

Trent Armstrong, 6 Tips for Creative Collaboration

Trent Armstrong outlines six tips for collaboration gleaned from the projects at Igniter Media.

What Anne Lamott Can Teach Us About Productivity

Justin Wise outlines Anne Lamott's method of attacking "short assignments."

3 Layers: Total Church Communication Strategies

If leadership isn't communicating well, effective outreach is impossible.

Frank Viola: 25 Tips for Better Blogging

Frank Viola: "Once you’ve decided that blogging is for you and you’ve counted the cost, roll up your sleeves and get to work."

Popular CCM Artist Chris Rice Allegations of Grooming, Inappropriately Touching Teenage...

Reports that Christian music artist Chris Rice groomed and sexually assaulted a teenage boy in the late 90s to early 2000s have been deemed credible by Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment (GRACE).

Karen Swallow Prior: How the Church Should Move Forward Now Roe...

Karen Swallow Prior joins us for a breaking episode of the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to talk about how the American church can move forward well now that Roe has been overturned.

Worship & Creative How To's