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What Purpose-Driven Means to Generation Z

Clearly a purpose-driven church is needed now more than ever. But do our purposes align with theirs in a way that would prove attractive? You might be surprised.

Please Don’t Give Them Porn for Christmas

This Christmas a lot of children will receive pornography from under the tree. It's not what they wanted, and not what their parents intended for them to have.
being single

Is It OK to Be Single?

In today's society, we emphasize marriage so much that we believe that being single represents a lesser state... that's not true and here's why.
How to Take Care of the Introverts in Your Ministry

How to Take Care of Introverts in Your Ministry

Here are some thoughts on how youth ministry can take care of introverts at a party based on what I’m picking up from Susan Cain's recently released new book: Quiet Power: The Secret Strengths of Introverts (A guide for KIDS and TEENS).
4 Super Effective Ways to Motivate Spiritually Apathetic Teenagers

4 Super Effective Ways to Motivate Spiritually Apathetic Teenagers

If you've been in youth ministry for any amount of time, you've encountered spiritually apathetic teenagers. Between the rolling eyes and heavy sighs it's easy to get discouraged when it comes to inspiring young people to know, live, share and own their faith.
A Netflix Show Youth Workers and Parents Might Want to Watch

Unbelievable: A Netflix Show Youth Workers and Parents Might Want to Watch

Every once in a while a movie or TV show comes along that actually “gets” young people today or provides a glimpse at “how to reach them.” Well, Netflix just released a series titled, Unbelievable, that literally took my breath away, on several levels.
Parents: 5 Reasons to Keep Your Students in Youth Group

Parents: 5 Reasons to Keep Your Students in Youth Group

Don't let your kids miss out on these 5 vital reason to stay plugged into youth group.
Why Your Children's Ministry Isn't Growing ... Sports Are Not the Problem

Why Your Children’s Ministry Isn’t Growing … Sports Are Not the Problem

Think sports are the problem for your children's ministry's shrinking attendance? Think again. Here are real reasons your children's ministry isn't growing.
Mind the Gap: Reuniting Generations in Our Churches

Mind the Gap: Reuniting Generations in Our Churches

Recently there’s been a return to cross-generational and intergenerational communities and contexts with reuniting generations in our generations. This is mostly because of the research being done on the importance of multigenerational community.
8 Deadly Sins Of Student Pastors

8 Deadly Sins of Student Pastors

Student ministry is one of the greatest callings within the church! But there are some deadly sins of student pastors that must be avoided.
getting a raise

The Elusive Quest for Getting a Raise

So, you want a raise. Who doesn't. Getting a raise as a vocational youth worker is one of the most difficult, and therefore rarest item to ever make a church budget. Just like the quest for El Dorado, this journey often leads to a disappointing conclusion.
The Redemptive Side of Being Fired

The Redemptive Side of Being Fired

Being fired, let go, transitioned out, or whatever verbiage the church uses, can be some of the deepest pain and hurt you experience. After being fired, you embark on such a difficult journey and it is so easy to let the negative creep in. But what if it was all part of a bigger plan?
son and porn

Your Son and Porn: Helping Your Son Escape

If your son doesn’t live in a cave (a cave without a Wi-Fi signal, I might add), he’s going to encounter porn. It’s not if… it’s when your son and porn meet.
let go from a church

FIRED! 5 Lies You Are Told When You Are Let Go From a Church

Fired, let go, moving in another direction, not the right fit; the terms go on and on but the point is the same and it sucks. There are five lies people tell you when you are let go from a church.
College Students

10 Commandments for College Students

We are launching a new college ministry at our church and as we will be seeing and serving more college students this fall. As this new college year begins for tons of Christians, here are the 10 commandments for college students; applied from the commandments the Lord gave Moses.
Vaping Concerns Rise

What You Need to Know About Teens and Vaping

The CDC director released a statement just a few days ago in response to the death related to the outbreak of “severe lung disease in...
College Freshmen

College Freshmen: Don’t Forget These 3 Things

College freshmen: More than you hunger and thirst for the good things that college provides, hunger and thirst for Jesus and His righteousness. Those other things will be thrown in as blessings as well, but only He will fill you.
Student Evangelism

3 Lies About Student Evangelism

One of the most exciting parts of being a youth leader who lives out a Gospel Advancing Ministry is student evangelism when students put their faith in Christ for the first time. They are excited and refreshed by the Spirit of God.
George Whitefield

George Whitefield: Don’t Leave Those Kids Alone

George Whitefield was equally as understood by children as he was by adults, as Howell Harris tells of going ‘to hear Bro Whitefield preach to little children, many hundreds of them, in their own infant language.
weird but true youth ministry insights ideas

Weird, but True, Youth Ministry Insights

Dangerous risks…Formidable odds…Mortal peril…Shifting alliances…Dead-of-the-night escapes… Rumblings of revolution! Sounds like an intense, high-paced action movie plot, doesn’t it? Or...are these really powerful youth ministry insights?

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