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Articles for Youth Leaders

9 Mistakes Made by Youth Pastors

Are you notorious for sticking your foot in your mouth? Here are 9 of the most common mistakes made by youth pastors.

How to Share the Gospel on Thanksgiving Without Being a Turkey

My “brilliant” idea for sharing the gospel in a simple and natural way this Thanksgiving.

4 Things I Want New Kids to Know

Scott Rubin shares 4 basic things he wants all new students to know.

The Impact of Youth Worker Insecurity

Insecurity doesn't just plague our students, it is inescapable for youth workers.

Leading When You Want to Quit

"It’s no fun to lead when you feel like quitting," says Bill Allison.

The Devastating Effects of Student Bullying

Teen suicide is self-inflicted. Sadly, many of the wounds leading up to that “final solution” are also caused by teens.

Technology: The Modern Day Pied Piper

David R. Smith asks, "Is technology today’s Pied Piper?"

Almost Christian: Q&A with Kenda Creasy Dean

An interview with the author who got America talking about teen faith.

5 Boundaries to Keep You From Moral Failure

Doug Fields talks about raising the bar as youth workers, building in boundaries, and protecting yourself.

3 Ways to Add Creativity to Your Youth Ministry

Creative environments, learning activities and games create an amazing atmosphere for many thriving youth ministries.

A New Job Description for Youth Leaders

Youth workers should be women and men of God before program directors.

How to Help Teens & Their Parents in the Recession

What we can do to help teens and their parents see the silver lining during a bad economy.

A Leader in Crisis: I've Lost My Excitement

Real questions & answers from Doug Fields about the crisis of losing excitement & passion in ministry.

Why You Matter in the Story of Twenty-somethings

Connecting college-aged people to the life of the church.

Boys Will Be Boys

Andrew Burden talks pranks & pillow fights. Should we promote, prohibit or participate?

Open Letter to My Former Students

What would you share if you had the chance to speak with teens who graduated from your youth ministry?

Leadership is Lonely – Are You?

The phrase “leadership is lonely” is way more than cliché because it's true.

Cyber-Bullying Leads to Teen Depression

Bullying via social networks or cell phones leads to increased risk of depression, a new study finds.

New Study: Texting in the Classroom

The survey of teens concluded that 43% of teens text their friends and parents during classroom lectures.

How to Protect Against (Spiritual) Identity Theft

Doug Fields shares about one of the critical tasks facing youth workers today.

Church Was Built on ‘Lies, Deceit, Abuse, Rape, and Fear’: Another...

Jessi Kline posted a statement on Facebook claiming that one of John Lowe II’s relatives, Jeremy, raped her when he babysat for her and her brother when they were “young, prepubescent children.”

Articles for Youth Leaders