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Explaining the Bible to Children: 15 Helpful Tips for Parents and Teachers

6. Teach kids a song about the Bible.

While explaining the Bible to a child, harness the power of music. A favorite fun song is “The B-I-B-L-E.” You could change “I stand alone on…” to “I love to hear…” (Little kids might not understand how you “stand” on the Bible.) Plenty of other songs are available too.

7. Go on a seek-and-find mission.

Embark on a Bible Treasure Hunt together. Give children clues to find the treasure: a Bible. Then read Psalm 119:72 together.

8. Provide hands-on help.

When teaching on a Bible verse, look it up and show children where it is in the Bible. Even though they can’t read yet, preschoolers are learning that the words come directly from the Bible.

9. Use kid-friendly resources.

Use tools such as the Beginner’s Bible App to introduce the Bible.

10. Show what makes the Bible special.

Put a pile of books on the floor (favorite kid books plus a Bible) and ask children which one of the books is different from the rest. Then talk about why the Bible is different.

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