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Children’s Ministry Checklist: 19 Items You Need to Keep Handy

children's ministry checklist

A children’s ministry checklist is usually topped with patience, wisdom, and many volunteers. We know we need lots of prayer, leaders who love the Lord, and helpers who love kids.

This isn’t that kind of “need” list. Instead, this children’s ministry checklist contains items that are good to keep nearby…just in case.

Must-Have Children’s Ministry Checklist

How many of the items on this children’s ministry checklist are in your Sunday school classroom? If they’re missing, stock up before the fall programming year kicks off!

1. Self-stick notes

These are ideal for jotting a quick note to a parent. You can quickly attach a note to a children’s book, paper, or coat.

2. Bibles in the version you use

Sometimes classes have a good supply of Bibles. Other times they have a conglomeration of Bibles in every version imaginable. You need Bibles in the version you use! That way, children can follow along when you teach.

3. First-aid kit

Yes, your church hopefully has one somewhere. But it’s good to keep handy bandages for an “owie” you can’t see without a microscope.

4. Kleenex

Little kids’ noses. Need we say more?

5. Tape

You’ll need tape to put a picture on a wall, fix a torn paper, and for that self-stick note that’s lost its stickiness.

6. Changes of clothes

If you’re teaching early elementary, keep on hand an extra pair of kids sweatpants/shirt (because they stretch to many sizes). Usually preschool classes have children bring their own set of extra clothes. But sometimes older kids have accidents, or fall in the paint, or …

7. Pens

Keep a good supply handy because they “walk away.” Then you spend lots of time looking for something to write with.

8. Pencils

You want the kids to do an activity sheet but don’t have enough pencils to go around. So then you have to wait while kids share.

9. Camera

(Or someone who’s always there with a good camera phone.) You never know when a silly or cute moment will happen. You need to be ready!

10. Flashlights

Who wants to be in a room with a bunch of 3-year-olds (or 13-year-olds) when the electricity goes out and thunder is booming?