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Memorize Scripture: 27 Ways to Help Children Learn Bible Verses

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Want to make it easier for kids to memorize scripture verses and Bible passages? Scripture memory doesn’t need to be a chore! Making memorization fun ensures that children retain the messages from God’s Word.

Here are 27 great ways to help kids memorize scripture!

Help Kids Memorize Scripture: 27 Tips to Try

1. Review weekly.

Have parents read over the next week’s verses with children before bed. Are there any words or phrases they don’t understand? Define or explain them. (You might have to read the verses beforehand. Study any unfamiliar words or phrases.)

2. Emphasize different words.

Have parents read the verse with children while emphasizing different words. This works especially well with younger children who will mimic your voice and tone. For James 2:10, say, “For whoever keeps the wwwhhhhhooooollllleee law,” drawing out and emphasizing “whole.” Kids pick up on that (as do teens and adults), making the verse easier to learn.

3. Get visual.

Create pictures to represent the words. Or have the child draw the verse.

4. Get musical.

Put the text of a Bible verse to music.

5. Give each passage a title.

For example, 1 Corinthians 15:3-4 are the Gospel verses. Proverbs 3:5-6 are the Trust verses.

6. Go high-tech.

Record (on a phone) your child saying the verses. Send the video to Grandma or someone else who will appreciate it.

7. Write out the verse.

Cut each word into a separate piece. Then have the child assemble the words like a puzzle.

8. Pocket God’s Word.

Write the verse on an index card or small piece of paper. Have children put it in a pocket to keep it nearby. Then they can study it wherever they go.

9. Study on the go.

Have parents make use of car time to review Bible-memory verses.

10. Write and repeat.

Write out or print the verse on the computer each day of the week.