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Water Games: 8 Kidmin Activities Sure to Make a Splash

5. Seed, Seed, Grow!

Age Level: 3 to 5

Bible Connect: The Parable of the Growing Seed (Mark 4:26-29)

Materials: A watering can and water

Water games can teach preschoolers about growing in their faith.

This game is a wet version of Duck, Duck, Goose. Have kids sit in a circle on the ground and choose one child to be the “Gardener.” The Gardener taps kids on the head while saying, “Seed!” When the Gardener says, “Grow!” and sprinkles a child’s head with the watering can, the Gardener puts down the can and runs from the selected child. If the Gardener is caught, he or she starts over. If the Gardener makes it to the empty spot, the child who was sprinkled gets to be the Gardener.

Dry-Off Debrief


  • Name something a seed needs to grow into a plant.
  • What happens to a seed if it doesn’t have water?
  • What does God give us to help us grow closer to him?

6. Our Cups Runneth Over

Age Level: 6 to 12

Bible Connect: God Cares for Us (Psalm 23:5)

Materials: One cup for each child, an oscillating sprinkler, and a garden hose with access to water.

Kids will discover a visual example of God’s desire to bless them.

Have kids each choose a spot around the perimeter of the sprinkler’s path. Challenge kids to fill their cups with water from the sprinkler. But tell them they’re not allowed to move from their spot. If children move, they have to dump the collected water over their heads and start over in a new spot.

Dry-Off Debrief


  • What made it easy or difficult to fill your cup?
  • Is this how God showers us with blessings? Why or why not?
  • What are some blessings God has given you?
  • How is this game like or unlike the blessings we receive from God?

7. Catapult

Age Level: 6 to 12

Bible Connect: Judging Others (John 8:7)

Materials: Water balloons, a beach towel for every pair of kids, and water

Water games like this give kids a visual picture of what it’s like to judge others.

Fill the water balloons before the game. Have kids form pairs, with each child holding one end of a beach towel. Then group two pairs of kids 10 feet apart. Place one water balloon in the center of one pair’s beach towel. Then have kids launch the balloon to the other pair of kids. Tell kids to catch and launch the balloon using only the towel. Continue tossing the water balloon back and forth between pairs until it falls and breaks.

Dry-Off Debrief

Have kids stay in pairs to discuss how the game is like or unlike judging others. Then have kids share a time they felt broken because someone judged them. Tell pairs to pray together and ask God to help them not judge others.

8. Protecting the Flock

Age Level: 8 to 12

Bible Connect: The Good Shepherd (John 10)

Materials: Garbage cans, shaving cream, two colors of plastic barrier tape, scissors, squirt bottles, and water

This is the water version of Capture the Flag. The game works great with a lesson teaching kids about God’s love for his flock.

Form two teams and place a garbage can topped with shaving cream behind each team. Have each group tie one color of plastic barrier tape around their forearms to designate teams. Give each team an equal number of squirt bottles filled with water.

Each team tries to protect its “flock” of shaving cream from getting squirted off by the other team. When one team squirts off all the opposing team’s shaving cream, the game’s over.

Dry-Off Debrief


    • Was it easy or difficult to protect your “flock”? Explain.
    • How did it feel when your flock was attacked by the opposing team?
    • How is this game like or unlike how God protects us?

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