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Faith Games for Children: 12 Fun Indoor Activities to Try

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Outdoor games are always a blast. But when the weather keeps your Sunday school class or small group inside, kids can still have fun—and learn lots of Bible-based lessons at the same time. Check out these 12 active indoor faith games for children. The activities are sure to teach, challenge, inspire, and lead kids into a deeper relationship with their Savior, Jesus.

12 Indoor Faith Games for Children’s Ministry

1. Together Again

Form groups of four, and have kids take off their shoes. Have groups each create the outline of a box on the floor, using their shoes.

Say: Now all four of you must stand in your shoe box for three minutes, but you can’t help one another. You’re on your own.

After three minutes, ask: How easy or difficult was that?

Say: Let’s try the challenge again for three minutes, but this time you can help one another stay in the box.

Ask: How did helping one another compare to not helping one another? Have you ever experienced a time you needed friends’ support? Tell your group about that time.

Read aloud Galatians 6:2.

Say: The Bible says that we need each other. There are times we’re weak and we need each other to help carry our burdens. What kinds of burdens do kids your age have? How can you help your friends carry their burdens?

Say: A great way to help one another carry our burdens is to pray for one another. Find a partner, then write your partner’s burden on your shoe. Then let’s pray for one another and help carry one another’s burdens.

Sharyn Spradlin
Snohomish, Washington