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Fruit of the Spirit Joy Activities: A Fun Game for Kids of All Ages


  • What happened to the sand when the cup could no longer hold it?
  • If our hearts are full of joy and Jesus keeps blessing us with more, what do you think will happen?
  • When you are happy and full of joy, how does that make the people around you feel?

Say: God blesses us with so many wonderful things, and he fills our hearts with joy. Even when our hearts are full of joy, God just keeps on giving us good things. In a way, our joy can overflow as our sand did and spill out. When our joy “spills,” it can spill onto other people around us and make them happy, too. We can share our joy and happiness with those around us.

Knowing Jesus gives us joy, and we can especially share our joy when we tell others about Jesus. We want other people to know the joy of having Jesus in their hearts.

This game comes from Kids’ Travel Guide to the Fruit of the SpiritThe book contains 13 Scripture-based lessons that help kids discover God’s Spirit and love, and how they can live out the fruit of the Spirit in their daily lives.

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