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Bible Stories for Preschoolers: 9 Places to Find Lessons for Little Learners

Bible stories for preschoolers

Bible stories for preschoolers play a key role in children’s faith development. These Sunday school and devotional materials feature age-appropriate, easy-to-remember lessons from God’s Word. Plus, Bible lessons for preschoolers often contain themed life-application activities such as object lessons and crafts.

When little learners are active and engaged, they’re more likely to focus on and retain important points from the Bible. And as Sunday school teachers and parents can attest, the memory of preschoolers can be amazing! Children will pick up phrases and entire verses of Scripture during your classes and worship times.

Be sure to keep Bible stories for preschoolers brief and repetitive. Stay positive and allow time for questions (and interruptions!). Emphasize that God loves us and that everything in the Bible is from God and is true. As you teach, remember to convey the joy of learning about God and his Word.

9 Resources for Bible Stories for Preschoolers

At these websites, you’ll find loads of great Bible-based materials for teaching preschoolers:

1. Sermons 4 Kids

Many of the children’s messages at this site work well for preschoolers and kindergartners. Search a wide range of topics to find exactly what you need.

2. For Little Lambs

This site offers a “Just Us Little Guys” section specifically for preschoolers and preschool classes.

3. Free Series for Preschool Learners

Curriculum for preschoolers at this site comes in several series, from 3 to 31 weeks.

4. All Things Preschool

Children will love the materials on this website. The Bible-based Sunday school lessons are tailored just for preschoolers.

5. Bible-Themed Activities

Enhance your Bible stories for preschoolers with fun crafts. The wide range of activities here will reinforce Scripture teachings for the youngest kids.