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Welcome New Families: Intentional Ways to Befriend & Reach Out

welcome new families

To welcome new families effectively, approach outreach from a practical perspective. Consider these tips to make new families feel welcome at your church and children’s ministry.

Outreach. The word alone suggests a powerful connection and relevance to a greater power. You may have a ministry in your church solely dedicated to outreach. Or you may find ways to weave it into your everyday programming.

Every kidmin outreach effort can be effective if you approach it from a practical perspective. Consider these four tips to welcome new families (and keep them coming back).

Welcome New Families: Practical KidMin Outreach Ideas

1. Prepare and train.

You can’t assume your team knows how to engage newcomers. With outreach in mind, you want every moment spent with guests to be meaningful. And that requires preparation on your part and training for your team.

2. Plan for guests.

Set a goal for how you want your ministry to handle guests. Do you want a personal connection with each newcomer? Do you want your teachers to make a personal connection with parents? Decide your measurement for successful guest encounters beforehand. Then communicate those expectations to your team.

3. Prepare accordingly.

Once you’ve set goals, it’s up to you to equip your team to successfully meet those goals. If you want all guests to walk away with more information about your program, create the material and put it in your team’s hands.