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Easter Message for Kids: The Stone Was Rolled Away From Jesus’ Tomb

Easter message
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An Easter message for children shares the good news that Jesus rose from the dead. In this children’s Easter message, Sunday school students hear about the Resurrection. Then kids think about how Jesus frees us from sin, before closing in prayer.

Easter Message for Sunday School

Scripture: John 20:1-10


  • Bible
  • a small ball
  • 1 stone for each child
  • permanent markers

Children’s Easter Message

Have children sit in a circle. Open your Bible to John 20:1-10. Show children the words and tell them the Bible is God’s special book. Read verse 1 aloud. Then hold up the ball.

Say: This ball represents the stone that was rolled away from Jesus’ tomb. As I continue reading, I’ll pause after each verse. Then I’ll roll the “stone” to one of you. And then you retell me in your own words what the verse says or means to you. Ready?

Read verse 2. Then pause and roll the ball to a child in the circle. After the child has shared what verse 2 means, have the child roll the ball back to you. Continue reading each verse and pausing until you’ve finished the passage.

Give each child a small stone and a permanent marker. Ask children to silently roll the stone around in their hands as they reflect on what it means to them that the stone was rolled away from Jesus’ tomb. Then encourage kids to write a word or draw a simple picture on the stone as a reminder of what they thought about.


  • Explain what you drew or wrote on your stone.
  • Why does it matter to you that the stone was rolled away?
  • How will you live differently this week knowing that Jesus is alive?

Say: The stone being rolled away means that Jesus beat death and defeated sin. We can know for sure that Jesus forgives our sin. He has made a way for us to be God’s friends forever.