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Church Games for Kids: 17 Just-for-Fun Children’s Activities

church games for kids

Church games for kids are a blast to play. When you just want to have fun with kids, check out these 17 group games for children. Each of these church games for kids works well for church or Sunday school. Or you can share these group games with parents for at-home fun!

17 Fun Church Games for Kids

1. Sticky Guy Game

Place children on two teams. Have each team choose a player to be their sticky guy. The team then wraps a roll of duct tape around the sticky guy (sticky side out). Teams have five minutes to blow up and stick as many balloons as they can to the tape on their sticky guys. After five minutes, the leader pops the balloons one at a time with a pin. Teams count to see which team has the most!

2. Ball/Chin Relay Game

Place balls on the floor. Then have a relay race to see which team can retrieve all the balls by picking them up with their chins and placing them in a bowl or bucket. First team done wins. This group game is really fun if you use wet sponges, too!

3. School of Fish Game

Each child gets a paper fish hanging by yarn that’s safety-pinned to the back of their shirt. Children try to step on the other children’s fish. If a fish comes loose, the child sits down. At the end of a given time, the team with the most fish still intact wins!

4. Balloon/Plunger Relay Game

Divide into two teams. Give each child a clean toilet plunger (or each team two plungers). The object of the game is to pass water balloons down the line using only the plungers (upside down). The team that moves the most balloons down their line in a given time wins.

5. Playdough or Sidewalk Chalk Pictionary Game

Create cards with Bible characters or stories written on them. Children then use playdough or sidewalk chalk to create or draw the stories. Meanwhile, their teams guess which story they’re representing.

6. Two-Liter Guard Game

Make circles out of masking tape or chalk. Give each child a two-liter bottle of soda to place inside their circle. One child is It and tries to take each child’s soda. The children guarding the bottles must keep one foot inside their circle at all times. If they tag the bottle snatcher, they switch places.

7. Nowhere to Hide Game

Play just like Hide & Seek. Except: The person who is It is armed with a spray bottle full of water. That person gets to spray each child he or she finds!