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Children’s Ministries That Stand Out: 7 Important Characteristics

5. Remember that everything rises and falls on leadership.

You didn’t think I’d exclude this, did you? The longer I’m in ministry, the more deeply I believe this. What does it mean? The primary responsibility of leadership (you and me!) is to equip and develop leaders.

6. Engage families.

Practical equipping is the rule. So make service opportunities available. Spiritual formation is primarily about what parents are and do, not what happens at church. Maintain excellent communication. These types of things are critical.

7. Clip calendars.

Finally, re-evaluate your schedule. Too many of us think success depends on the number of items on the children’s ministries calendar. In a sense, this is true. You can tell a person’s (or ministry’s) priorities by looking at how they invest their time and money. With children’s ministries, however, less is more. We’re very good at dividing and running our families into the ground. So stop doing this and focus only on what matters most. Then watch your ministry grow!

What would you add? What must-have characteristics do you think children’s ministries need to have?