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6 Personal Leadership Habits That Will Ignite Your Ministry

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All of us want to lead successfully. To do so, we need strong leadership habits. Whether we are in a small church or a large church. Whether we lead Children’s, Family, Next Gen or some other wonderfully named ministry. Whether we are a newbie or a veteran.

We all want to lead well.

But sometimes we forget that leading others begins by leading ourselves. And the way we lead ourselves can douse the ministry flame in others, or ignite it. Here are a few important lessons to help us ignite that ministry flame in others.

6 Personal Leadership Habits That Will Ignite Your Ministry

1. Prioritize Spiritual Formation

  • In your own life. Yes, really! I’ve seen far too many church leaders become “professional” Christians. Don’t let this happen. Practice the spiritual disciplines. Worship. Stay in the Word & in prayer daily. Pursue personal spiritual formation. Let your ministry flow from your own spiritual life…not the other way around. (Check out this article for more on this topic.)
  • In your ministry. Yes, really! Too many of us replace a real plan for spiritual formation with program. Program—no matter how creative or captivating—is not a plan for spiritual formation. Read this again: Program—no matter how creative or captivating—is not a plan for spiritual formation. Here’s the question I like to ask as I work with churches: If a child were to go through your children’s ministry from birth through preteen, what is the specific plan for spiritual formation along every stage of that journey? If you can’t answer that, you probably don’t have a real plan for spiritual formation.

2. Protect Your Family

Perhaps the most important way to ensure longevity in your leadership is to protect your family. I love Jim Wideman’s quote: “You cannot sacrifice your family on the altar of your ministry.”

Do you want to lead well? Do you want to influence others? Do you want to stay in leadership? Protect your family.

Of course, the primary reason for protecting your family is for the sake of your family. Long after your ministry is gone, your family will still be with you. They are worth protecting, and a benefit of doing so is increasing your ability to lead.

3. Place Faithfulness Over Results

We all want results. That is mostly what this blog is all about—how to get the results you want as you lead your ministry.

But results are not God’s highest priority. Faithfulness is.

Being faithful to what God has called you to do is your highest priority. What does that look like in your context? Does it mean you need to focus on a “lesser” ministry that goes deeper rather than wider? Does it mean you need to invest in that person that isn’t so easy to invest in? Does it mean you need to slow down a little and focus more on your own relationship with God, allowing your ministry to better flow from you rather than forcing it through your own power?

It could mean a lot of things. Define what God has called you to be and do. Be and do that first! The results He desires will follow.

4. Promote Vision

First, do you have a clear and compelling vision for your ministry? Second, can you articulate that clear and compelling vision in a manner that influences others? If the answer to either is “no” or “I don’t know,” you need to work on both.

Beyond that, make sure that you are focused on promoting the defined vision. Make sure every decision made is in support of that vision. Make sure that you share the vision with potential leaders. Make sure that your facilities, your program, your systems and procedures, your staff meetings, your training, your…everything!…is pointed straight at that defined, clear and compelling vision.