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First-Time Guests at Church: 5 Things You Should Avoid

first-time guests at church

First-time guests at church are wonderful! But you need to handle them with care. If you’re asking first-time church visitors to do any of these things, you may be unknowingly pushing them away. Worst-case scenario, they might not return.

So read on to discover what annoys guests. Most importantly, find out practical steps for making their experience positive. After all, the goal is to turn first-time guests into regulars!

First-Time Guests at Church Dislike These 5 Things

1. People dislike waiting in line.

Are you asking first-time guests at church to wait in line? How long are they having to wait to register for Sunday school? How long are they having to wait to drop off their kids at classrooms? And how long are they having to wait to pick up their kids?


    • Have a separate check-in area for first-time guests.
    • Monitor your kidmin drop-off and pick-up lines. If the line backs up, open another line.

 2. People dislike not knowing where to go.

You know the feeling. You’re in a big store looking for an item. No help is in sight, and you have no clue where to begin. It’s very frustrating! Asking first-time guests at church to navigate your hallways without any signage or assistance has the same effect.


  • Have clear signage throughout the church and children’s ministry area.
  • Always walk people to their class or kidmin room instead of telling them where to go.
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Dale Hudson has been serving in children's ministry for over 30 years. He is an author, speaker and ministry leader.  He is the founder and director of Building Children's Ministry. BCM helps churches build strong leaders, teams and children's ministries.  (www.buildingchildrensministry.com)