24 New Name Ideas for Your Kidmin

11 Ways To Value Children and Small Groups

Great children’s ministry names arouse curiosity; give an instant feeling of belonging, fun, and excitement; and help teachers, parents, and children remember their Christian calling. If you’re looking for a new label that better expresses your phenomenal Christian education program, try one of these.

  1. Kidz Club
  2. HighCalling
  3. Journey With Jesus
  4. Sonland Celebration
  5. Sunday Challenge
  6. Sunday Friends
  7. School of Christian Living
  8. Disciples’ Enrichment Hour
  9. Power Hour
  10. Bible Fellowship Hour
  11. Foundations
  12. Spiritual Adventures
  13. Bible Adventure
  14. Great Adventures
  15. Kid Konnection
  16. Kids of the Kingdom
  17. Faith Exploration
  18. Sunday Morning Live
  19. Community Kids
  20. The Vineyard Playhouse
  21. Kidventure
  22. Sunday Bible School
  23. First Steps in Faith
  24. Bungaland (Believers Understanding Nurtured in God Alone)

Caution: Initially a new name can be confusing, so promote and explain it well to children and parents.

What do you call your children’s ministry?  


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