The #1 Parenting Passage in the Bible

Before you answer that, I have to say something else: The Bible confronts us with the fact that as parents, we have no power to turn our children into disciples of Jesus Christ.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “How am I supposed to get up every morning and do the impossible without getting exhausted and discouraged?” The rest of the Great Commission answers that question, which is why I propose it’s the best parenting passage in the Bible.

“All authority in heaven and earth has been given to me.” These words tell you that there is never a moment, in any location, where you are in a situation with one of your children that is not under the wise, careful and powerful control of the One who sent you into it. You can rest when you don’t understand what is going on because the One who sent you is never confused and never surprised.

“And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” The Father, who sends you to extend his arms of fathering grace to your children, goes with you. In every moment when you are called to give grace, you are being given grace. In every moment when you are rescuing and protecting your children, you are being rescued and protected. It is impossible for your parenting to ever wander outside the light of his presence.

Mom and dad, your hope as a parent is not found in your power, your wisdom, your character, your experience or your success. You are not in this parenting drama alone. Your potential is greater than the size of your weaknesses, because the One who is without weakness is with you, and he does his best work through those who admit that they are weak but in weakness still heed his call.

The Great Commission summarizes your calling as parents, and its promises remind you of where you can look for help and hope!

God bless

Paul Tripp


1. What are some things that have held more importance in your parenting than the Great Commission?

2. How does the beginning of the Great Commission—Christ’s power—give you hope for parenting? Be specific in application.

3. How does the end of the Great Commission—Christ’s presence—give you hope for parenting? Be specific in application.

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