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Be a Better Children’s Ministry Leader: 18 Foolproof Strategies

be a better children’s ministry leader

Are you satisfied with how you lead your ministry? Of course, leadership can never be perfected. So I’m sure some mistakes and failures immediately come to mind. That’s okay, as long as you learned something for leading better in the future. And the future is now! Starting today, you can take steps to be a better children’s ministry leader.

Here are a bunch of ideas—in no particular order—to help you lead better.

18 Ways to Be a Better Children’s Ministry Leader

1. Grow deeper in your walk with God.

My all-time favorite quote is this: “The impact God has planned for us does not occur when we are pursuing impact. It occurs when we pursue God.” Phil Vischer

It’s foolish and arrogant to think we can lead effectively in ministry if we’re not first seeking a deeper relationship with the One we serve.

2. Lead your family well.

What happens—or doesn’t happen—at home greatly impacts how you lead your ministry. More importantly, those people at home are a higher priority than those you lead at church.

While leading Children’s & Family Ministries for nearly 30 years, I’ve always said if I fail in my home, then I have failed, regardless of what my ministry looks like.

Don’t let yourself be in a position, years from now, where you look back and realize you invested more in your ministry than in your family. You’ll regret it.

3. Disciple others.

Ultimately, our ministry is about discipleship. What I have found, however, is that Children’s Ministry Leaders tend to focus more on program than discipleship.

What about you? How is your ministry focused on discipleship of children? How are you helping parents be discipled? Are you providing your volunteers with any spiritual formation opportunities? And what about your own personal commitment to be a discipler—what does that look like?

4. Develop leaders.

The best way to grow your ministry is to develop leaders. Period. Just remember: Developing leaders is different from equipping volunteers.