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Super Simple Crafts for the Littlest of Hands

through the laminator.

Hand Print Craft

Seriously, what is cuter than a teeny tiny hand print (or foot print) turned into a craft?

Fish in the Sea: Brush a little hand with paint (or use jumbo stamp pad) and push onto paper plate. Add eyes, a smile and little blue waves.

Hand Print Pot Holders: Grab a set of plain pot holders a the dollar tree. Paint a little hand with paint and then push onto the pot holder. Finish off with a message written with puffy (dimensional) paint.

Yoda Best Dad: This one was found uploaded to Pinterest (couldn’t find original site). Paint little one’s foot (put kids in a high chair to minimize the mess) and then push onto card stock. After it is dry, add embellishments to make it a fabulous dad gift.

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Lindsey Whitney is a home day care provider, Children's Ministry director and blogger over at Growing Kids Ministry. She lives with her husband, Mike, and their two children in Erie, PA.