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5 Ways to Get Yourself and Your Ministry Ready for Easter

ready for Easter

Easter is approaching…fast! I hope you’ve already begun planning for it in your ministry.

Easter weekend can be a wonderful time in the world of Children’s Ministry! But it can also be a nightmare for the Children’s Ministry leader. It’s typically one of the highest attended weekends of the year. Lots of visitors. High expectations.

So what’s a Children’s Ministry Leader to do to get ready for Easter? Here are a few things I’ve learned over the years:

Get ready for Easter by planning far in advance.

Hopefully, you’re already well in to your Easter planning. If not, get on it! Not only is there a lot to do, but it is one of the most important weekends of the year (think: visitors), so plan on doing what you do with excellence. Get all you bases covered. Be ready to invest in the visitors, manage the crises and present the Gospel clearly.

Get ready for Easter by planning and delegating.

Children’s Ministry should never be a one-person show. In other words, don’t try to do Easter on your own, no matter what size ministry you are leading. Create a plan (with your team). Communicate the plan (you really can’t over-communicate) and delegate responsibilities. If you’ve equipped people to lead, trust them to lead. If not, this is a great opportunity to practice equipping.

Here’s an article to help you do that:

Get ready for Easter by putting your best foot forward.

The old saying “You only get one chance to make a good first impression” is true. Easter is often the first (and many times the only) opportunity you will have at making a positive impression—maximize it! At the same time, be real. Be genuine. Don’t go so over the top that, when visitors return, it looks and feels like a completely different church.

Get ready for Easter by keeping the main thing the main thing.

Amidst all of our creativity, we can sometimes lose the message of Easter. Make sure that the Gospel message is clear and concise, and that there is opportunity for response. The Gospel is for kids, too, and this may be the first time they’ve heard it. Here are two articles to help with this:

Get ready for Easter by worshipping.

Easter is for you, too. I encourage leaders that one of the reasons to do things right the rest of the week is so you can take the opportunity to worship on Sunday. Easter, of all weekends, should afford you the opportunity. Take it…and celebrate the meaning of Easter. At the same time, be sure to facilitate time for your leaders and volunteers to worship, as well.

What would you share about how to get ready for Easter?

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Greg Baird is a Children’s Ministry veteran with over 20 years ministry experience. Greg has had the privilege of serving in four San Diego area churches, including under the leadership of both John Maxwell and David Jeremiah. He continues to fulfill his life calling through the ministry of ChildrensMinistryLeader.com, offering an experienced voice in equipping and connecting Children’s Ministry leaders around the country and around the world.