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Free Bible Lesson – Exodus “Jesus My Redeemer”

Free Bible Lesson – Exodus

Free Bible Lesson – Exodus “Jesus My Redeemer”

Key Point: Jesus Saved ME!
Memory Verse: Exodus 15:13 “The people you rescued were led by your powerful love to your holy place.”

Lesson Summary – Today, kids, what we are going to talk about is the book of Exodus. In the book of Exodus we see Jesus as our redeemer. I know that is a big word, can anyone tell me what it means (allow for responses). That’s right, Jesus saved me. We are going to talk about how Jesus saved us from a life of wandering, not knowing where we are going, not knowing what we are doing. Jesus gave us a reason to live. We don’t have to wander like the Children of Israel did in the wilderness. We don’t have to wander through our lives not knowing what we are here for. Jesus loves us very much and wants us to obey him. The Lord saved the children of Israel. They were slaves forced to work in another country called Egypt. God saved them and took them out of that situation. Just like many of us, how many of you have asked Jesus to come into your lives? (Allow for responses.) Just like the people of Israel were slaves to Egypt, the Bible says without Jesus we are slaves to sin.

You saved my life – (A skit about how grateful people are when their lives are spared from death)

(Have the sound of large truck going by blowing the horn and then the scream of a little girl.)
Candy – (out of breath) Wooho! That was a close call!
Pastor – Candy, what’s wrong, you seem flustered. Are you alright?
Candy – Yea, I am now.
Pastor – What happened?
Candy – Well I was walking home from school, pastor, and I started counting all the clouds in the sky and I accidentally walked into the street. I surely would have been hit by a car if my good friend James didn’t jump out and pull me out of the way.
Pastor – Wow, that was very brave of James.
C – I know, I owe him my life and I told him I said, “James I will follow you around wherever you go and do everything for you, even take out the trash because you saved my life.”
P – Really, you told him that?
C – Yea, I said that I would not stop following him or doing things for him until I had a chance to save his life as well. Oh Pastor, he was so brave he didn’t even think about his own life. What a brave, brave boy.
P – Well you know, Candy, that it is important that you thank him for his bravery and selflessness, but there is someone who saved you from something much more scary, something much more dangerous, than a truck.
C – Who did that, and what can be more scary than a big truck?
P – That person was Jesus Christ and he saved you from sin.
C – Really, he did that for me?
P – Yes, He really did. It is important that you are thankful to James for what he did for you. But you need to know that what Christ did on the cross is much greater because you were spared from a lifetime of death.
C – Really?
P – Yes really, remember how you wanted to thank James and to serve him and wait for an opportunity to save his life. We need to be greatful to the Lord in the same way for what he has done for us. We need to serve him out of a thankful heart and look for ways to lay down our lives for him because he gave his life for us.
C – Wow! I never realized that before, thanks Pastor. I am going to look all day for ways I can serve Jesus more.

Teaching –  In that last skit, kids, what did Candy learn? (Allow for responses.) That’s right, she learned what Jesus Christ had done for her. We are learning this week about the book of Exodus and how Christ is our redeemer, which means he saved us. In Exodus we see how God delivered the children of Israel from the Egyptians. The people of Israel were slaves to the Egyptians. They were forced to do hard labor and were only given food and water. They wanted to be free so God prepared a man to set them free to take them out of Egypt and their slavery to a land of peace called the promised land. It was very hard for Moses because Pharaoh, the King of Egypt, didn’t want to let the children of Israel go. So Moses prayed and God told him that he would be with him, so Moses went to Pharaoh and performed many miracles so that Pharaoh would know that Moses’ God is the one true God. God brought many plagues to the land of Egypt so that all of Egypt would know that God is a God who desires to deliver his people. Finally, after all the plagues, Pharaoh decides to let the children of Israel go. God delivered them out of Egypt because he loved them. God used Moses to deliver his people. And do you want to know what, kids? The same God  that delivered the people of Israel can deliver you today. No matter what may be holding you captive like the evil king pharaoh was doing, it doesn’t matter because God is able to do what we can not do. He will always deliver you if you call on his name and ask him to. All we need to say is “Jesus save me” and he will. Today, if you don’t know Jesus, think about all the things in your life that are hard things that you know you can not do on your own. If you call on Him and ask Him to come into your life, He will save you, He will deliver you from a life of hardship like the children of Israel in Egypt. So be thinking about that today during our lesson.
Interview a fireman – (have a person dressed up in a fireman suit or T-shirt and hat come in)

Interviewer – Hello how are you?
Fireman – Good how are you?
Interviewer – So what do you do for a living?
F – I am a fireman I make a living saving people from fires.
I – You are paid to risk your own life to save the lives of others?
F- Exactly.
I – Doesn’t that seem scary to risk your life for people you don’t even know?
F – Not really because it is my job to save lives. My mission as a firefighter is not even to worry about my own life but to be consumed with saving the lives of others.
I – You know what, Mr. Firefighter, your job sounds much like the job of one of my very best friends.
F – Oh yea, what does this friend of yours do?
I – He is sort of well… You know… He is the Son of God.
F – Really? How is the son of God a firefighter?
I – He isn’t a firefighter but he is in the business of saving lives. He, much like you, came to earth and his only mission was to save our lives from the fires of hell. He didn’t even think about trying to save his life but willingly died for us so that we can live for him. Jesus saved you and me so that we don’t have to live an eternity without Him.
F – So I guess you can say that Jesus was sort of a divine firefighter—he came to save us from the fire of hell.
I – Exactly
F- So even though I do good things and save lives, I still need Jesus to save me?
I – Yes you do, Mr. Firefighter, because the Bible says that our righteousness is like filthy rags.
F – Which by the way can cause fires.
I – Yes that’s true, but Mr. Firefighter you need Jesus. You can’t save enough people from fires to earn you way into heaven. Heaven is a free gift offered to all. All you need to do is say, Jesus I need you to come into my life and be my personal Lord and savior.
F – I think that I want to do that.
I  – All you need to do is repeat after me. (Have Fireman repeat the following prayer after the Interviewer) “Dear Jesus I ask that you would come into my life and forgive me of all my sins, I give my life to you and ask that you would save me. In Jesus’ name Amen.
F – Wow! What a difference Jesus makes. Thanks but I had better get going.