Let’s Do Lunch

It might’ve leveled off last night ...feeling good this morn

I read a quote today, on Pinterest of course. That Pinterest, it’s a wealth of deep thought, baking addictions, decor and ministry ideas! ((end Pinterest rant))

As I sit here on my day off I read this quote, which isn’t gospel or even fully true, yet got me thinking.
“Jesus didn’t run projects, create ministries or put on events. He ate meals.”
My initial reaction was a smile, an ode to our over complicated life and over programmed churches. I promptly tweeted it, like I do with quippy quotes I love. (Yes, I know that’s not really a word.) But then I got to thinking.
Ministry was the life of Jesus and his followers. They sold all their possessions to follow Him, they were about sharing the gospel in every motion they made. I am sure there was never a harvest carnival, or a family Olympics, but does that mean they aren’t necessary?
While every family ministry person gasps at that last line, I assure you that wasn’t what I got from this quote. However, it got me thinking, have we programmed our families and churches to the point that we are effectively killing a community that an onlooking seeker would want to be part of?
Yesterday was Sunday, and I saw several people headed to actively worship and serve in various corners of our church. I will often ask people how they are and today’s common response, “busy.” This experience followed by a week of work and school paired with sports and maybe a midweek Bible study or a small group.
I just wonder what a person who is seeking, trying to find God, who is watching the motion of today’s church, sees. Is the question, “Is there room for me at that table?” or is it, “Is there a table?”
This week I will be more intentional about finding ways for those involved in our children’s ministry to experience community. I love that Jesus took something we all have to do (eat) and used it to build into something we all desire to do (fellowship).
May we Take His lead as we continue in life and ministry.
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