Brainstorming: How to Produce Great Ideas

Brainstorming: How to Produce Great Ideas

You may think you are not creative. You may feel like you can’t come up with any great ideas. You may struggle to produce ideas that will help the ministry succeed.

I’ve got some good news for you. You are creative. You just need some people around you who can help you bring it out. More good news…you’ve got some great ideas. You just need to be in an environment that will enable you to discover them.

Let’s talk about how you can generate great ideas that will help your ministry move forward.

Bring people around you. I know this seems obvious, but it can be a struggle for a leader who is used to doing everything himself or herself. But remember, the smartest person in the room is the room. It may be quicker to come up with an idea by yourself, but if you involve other people in helping you come up with ideas, the better the ideas will be.

Value people’s input. When team members know you will listen to their ideas and value their input, they will open up and help you create great ideas. But if you belittle ideas team members bring to the table, they will shut down and stop trying to help. This doesn’t mean you always have to go with ideas from team members, but they should know that their ideas will be received and considered for usage.

Stay approachable. Team members will be reluctant to share their ideas with you if they feel intimidated or that you won’t care.

Team members will be more motivated and energized when you include them in the flow of generating new ideas. It’s a big lift when team members get to share their ideas and see them implemented.

Learn to listen more than you talk. When you gather to brainstorm, give team members your undivided attention as they share. When they see you are really interested in what they are saying, they will open up and share on a deeper level.

Relax. You might be prone to think that brainstorming sessions need to be serious…too serious to include laughter, fun and craziness. Actually, the opposite is true. The more relaxed your brainstorming is, the better ideas you will generate.

Create a culture where ideas belong to no one. Once you lay down an idea on the table, it belongs to no one. When people detach from their ideas and move ownership to the entire group, there is more freedom to brainstorm about the idea.

Thank people for their input. When team members know you appreciate and value their input, they will become more confident in sharing.

The best ideas come from relationships. I remember years ago, I brought in a few team members for a brainstorming session. One of them sat quietly with a look of “I hate being here.” He never contributed during the session. After the session was over, I asked him privately why he didn’t get involved in the brainstorming.

He shared with me that he was upset with me about something that happened a few weeks earlier. That’s why he sat there and didn’t give any input. I learned that day that you must have a good relationship with your team members if you want them to open up and share freely.

There are lots of game-changing ideas that your team can generate if you’ll simply brainstorm with them. So…let the brainstorming begin. The best ideas your ministry has ever come up with are waiting to be uncovered.

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