Easy Pumpkin Prayer Craft for Kids

Easy Pumpkin Prayer Craft for Kids

I wish I had pictures of the kids making these to go along with the Pumpkin Prayer! They had more fun than I expected.

This month has been all about taking Halloween and turning our focus toward God. Yesterday the kids sat in a circle while they listened to the Pumpkin Prayer and watched as the Jack-O-Lantern was carved. I cheated. Before getting with the kids, I had already cut the top off and cleaned out the inside, leaving just enough to pull out for that part of the prayer. If I had thought about it, I would have roasted the seeds and let the kids eat them while listening and watching. I cut the eyes as we talked about “opening our eyes” to see God’s love and cut the mouth as we talked about “sharing” God’s word. You get the idea. And at the end, I placed a flashing LED light inside for the kids to see our lights shining for God in all we say and do!

Then it was their turn. No, I was not too comfortable with the idea of handing a bunch of elementary kids sharp objects…so I passed out miniature pumpkins and these awesome acrylic paint markers so the kids could draw their Jack-O-Lanterns to take home with the Pumpkin Prayer. (And down the road they can use the markers to make prayer rocks or story stones.) Then I emailed the Pumpkin Prayer to the parents suggesting that as a family they carve pumpkins as they go through the prayer. We will see how many give it a shot!

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Courtney Kirk serves as the K-5 Children’s Ministry Coordinator for the Leander Church of Christ in Texas. She is an author and speaker equipping teachers and ministry leaders of small churches with classroom tools, techniques and an understanding of how kids learn best in order to create an excitement and love for God in them. (RaiseKidsForChrist.com)