Lost Sheep Craft

Lost Sheep Craft

This Lost Sheep Craft is a craft kids get excited about. One they take home and show everyone. One they take to school and show everyone. This is a good one for that. It’s more than a craft…it’s a game.

When telling the Parable of the Lost Sheep kids have fun making sheep. Then, they hide them under one of the cups, mix the cups up and let someone else guess which one its under.

Pom Poms (1-2″ white)
Felt (Black)
Wiggly Eyes
Bathroom Cups

First, cut out a sheep face with ears from black felt. I used regular felt and glued later, but I included a link here for the sticky back felt that may be even better.

Second, glue the wiggle eyes onto the sheep’s face.

Third, glue the head with eyes onto the pom pom (or stick it if you got the sticky back felt).

Finally, set out your set of three cups and hide the sheep under one. Mix the cups around and see if someone watching can find the sheep.

See how it’s done here (please ignore the dead poinsettia in the background):

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Courtney Kirk serves as the K-5 Children’s Ministry Coordinator for the Leander Church of Christ in Texas. She is an author and speaker equipping teachers and ministry leaders of small churches with classroom tools, techniques and an understanding of how kids learn best in order to create an excitement and love for God in them. (RaiseKidsForChrist.com)