25 (God-Approved) Summer Family Activities

YIKES! School’s out, the kids are home and parents need ideas! Lots of ideas!

Summer is a time when the kids are home, they quickly get bored and they plant themselves in front of the television. Parents need fresh ideas. They want to be good parents. They want to spend time with their kids (well, at least some of the time), but they don’t know what to do without breaking the bank or without fighting their kids by acting as the T.V. police. So it has to be fun, something kids get excited about.

Be a hero with parents, the kids and with God! You have the solution right here, 25 fun activities for the summer. There are many activities kids can do by themselves or with each other to have fun outside of television, but the idea is for parents to spend quality time with their kids. Time together builds up a child’s self-esteem and makes them more comfortable going to parents with problems as they get older. None of these are very expensive, and many are free! So, print off “25 Summer God-Approved Family Activities” and send home with your Bible class kiddos. (If you are tech savvy, download it and send as an email attachment.)

Encourage parents to try a few of these ideas and most importantly, have fun with their kids. They do grow up fast and they remember the time spent together. Encourage parents to consistently remind their kids that God gave them each other, loves each of them and will be the focus of the family.

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Courtney Kirk serves as the K-5 Children’s Ministry Coordinator for the Leander Church of Christ in Texas. She is an author and speaker equipping teachers and ministry leaders of small churches with classroom tools, techniques and an understanding of how kids learn best in order to create an excitement and love for God in them. (RaiseKidsForChrist.com)