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Father’s Day Videos for Church: Honor Men With These Media Clips

Father's Day videos for church

Father’s Day videos for church are fun, meaningful ways to honor special men in your congregation. Every June, children enjoy creating special keepsakes and tributes to their dads, granddads, and other important male figures.

So don’t overlook the importance of Father’s Day observances and celebrations. Instead, take advantage of increased church attendance that day to recognize the vital role of dads. (Pro Tip: Mail these postcards ahead of time to invite fathers to worship!)

During the service, read Scripture verses about the responsibilities and honor of raising children. Say prayers for dads and other male role models. And attract worshipers’ attention with some Father’s Day videos for church.

Please note that some of these videos require payment or a subscription. Preview each Father’s Day video ahead of time to make sure it’s a good fit for your congregation. Then turn down the lights and open a worship service or sermon message with Father’s Day videos for church. (Or create your own video ahead of time, featuring kids from Sunday school classes.) Enjoy!

Check Out These Father’s Day Videos for Church!

Showing a video is a wonderful way to quiet a group of people and grab their eyes and ears. Plus, the content can make them think, reflect, and act.

1. A Father’s Letter to His Kids

This touching Father’s Day video has a four-minute run time.

2. A Broader Perspective on Father’s Day

Use this video to honor and bless all dads and men in your congregation.

3. A Father’s Strength

Celebrate the open arms of fathers (and our heavenly Father) with this video for church.

4. A Letter to Dad

Use this Father’s Day video for church to thank dads…and to thank God for our dads.

5. This Is a Dad

This brief video clip makes a great addition to any Father’s Day worship service.