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Father’s Day Prayer: 11 Ways Children Can Pray for Their Dads

Father's Day prayer

When Jesus taught us to pray, he began with the words “Our Father.” The parent-child relationship is so important to God! That’s one reason our heavenly Father wants us to pray for our earthly parents. For some kids, such as those from single-parent homes, that may be challenging. Keep that in mind when your children’s ministry prepares a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day prayer or lesson.

Remind students in your children’s ministry and Sunday school classes that God is all-loving and ever-present. He commands us to honor and obey our earthly parents. And God knows that all families struggle with sin and broken relationships.

Moms and dads need prayers from church leaders and from their own children. As your ministry makes plans for Father’s Day, brainstorm opportunities to pray for men, boys, grandfathers, and fathers.

Use these ideas for Father’s Day prayer to get started. Then share your own suggestions in the comments below.

12 Father’s Day Prayer Ideas to Try

1. To the Father of Fathers

First, use this Father’s Day prayer that acknowledges God as our “eternal, unfailing Father.”

2. Wonderful Works

Next, encourage kids to thank God in specific ways for making their own dad.

3. Bless Him, Lord

Check out this site for a sample prayer. (As a bonus, learn the history of Father’s Day too!)

4. A High Calling

Let children hear you pray aloud for their fathers, such as with the wording found here.

5. Scriptural Prayers

Incorporate Bible verses, such as the ones posted at this site. into a Father’s Day prayer.

6. Hear Our Prayer

Adapt prayers to be age-appropriate, using short phrases such as these.

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