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10 Easy Worship Songs on Guitar for Beginners

easy worship songs on guitar
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Crafting a list of easy worship songs on guitar can greatly benefit beginners eager to express their faith through music. Worship music often carries a depth of emotion and spiritual significance, making it a fulfilling genre to explore for guitarists of all skill levels.

Yes, You Can Learn These Easy Worship Songs on Guitar

Worship songs on the guitar offer a unique way to connect with spiritual themes, allowing musicians to express worship personally and corporatively. The simplicity of these songs often belies their profound impact, making them ideal for personal reflection, small group worship, or leading in a larger church setting.

1. “Amazing Grace” (John Newton)

Chords: G, C, D, Em One of the most iconic hymns in Christian music, “Amazing Grace,” is remarkably simple to play on the guitar. Its timeless message of redemption and grace fits perfectly with its straightforward chord progression, making it an excellent choice for beginners.

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2. “How Great is Our God” (Chris Tomlin)

Chords: C, Am, F, G Chris Tomlin’s modern worship anthem is a staple in many worship settings for its declarative lyrics about God’s majesty. The song uses basic chords and a simple strumming pattern, making it accessible for novice guitarists.

3. “10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)” (Matt Redman)

Chords: G, D, Em, C This song has a gentle melody that is easy to pick up, and the chord progression is repetitive throughout, allowing beginners to practice and memorize without much difficulty.

4. “Here I Am to Worship” (Tim Hughes)

Chords: G, D, A, Em With a slow tempo and easy chord changes, “Here I Am to Worship” is ideal for those just starting out on the guitar. Its heartfelt lyrics invite worshippers into a moment of reverence and adoration.

5. “Mighty to Save” (Hillsong Worship)

Chords: G, C, Em, D This song’s repetitive chord progression and catchy melody make it a favorite among beginner guitarists. The lyrics focus on God’s power to save, providing an uplifting message for worshippers.

6. “Lord, I Need You” (Matt Maher)

Chords: G, C, Em, D “Lord, I Need You” is a prayerful song expressing dependence on God. Its simple chord structure and slow pace give beginners ample time to switch between chords smoothly.

7. “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” (Hillsong United)

Chords: D, A, Em, G Though “Oceans” might seem more complex due to its length, the song actually revolves around a four-chord loop, making it surprisingly easy to learn. Its powerful message encourages faith and trust in God.

8. “Reckless Love” (Cory Asbury)

Chords: G, D, Em, C “Reckless Love” has become a favorite for its message of God’s overwhelming love. The chord progression is straightforward, and the rhythm is easy to follow, offering a great way to practice dynamics and expression.

9. “Who You Say I Am” (Hillsong Worship)

Chords: G, C, D, Em This song’s declaration of identity in Christ (Ephesians 1:5-6) paired with its simple chord progression makes it a compelling choice for beginners. The melody is memorable, and the chords do not require complex fingerings.

10. “Your Love Never Fails” (Jesus Culture)

Chords: G, Em, C, D With an upbeat tempo and repetitive chord structure, “Your Love Never Fails” is an encouraging song that celebrates God’s constant love. It’s great for practicing strumming patterns and keeping rhythm.