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24 Hilarious Church Signs That Probably Got the Sign Guy Fired

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We’ve all seen them—those hilarious church signs scattered around town that’ll either make us think, scratch or head, or out and out just laugh! We searched the web for these 24 hilarious church signs that probably got the sign guy fired!

24 Hilarious Church Signs


1. But we bet the Titanic smelled way better…until it sunk.

2. And we all know the consequences were downloaded for generations.

3. Forgiven…and forgotten?

4. Is that “hipster Jesus” or “hipster, Jesus”? The power of a comma!

5. And eyes in the back of her head…wait, doesn’t she have eyes in the back of her head?

6. Zzzzzzzz…..

7. “Sign me up” said all the single ladies!

8. Burn…ouch!

9. Don’t believe it? Just google it!

10. Somebody’s on the naughty list!

11. Good point, Stoney…point. Good point!

12. What are the 12 steps for Hokey Pokey?

So…we know that one above isn’t from a church…but it made us laugh!

13. Basket cases welcome here!

14. Wait for it…wait for it…this one takes a while.

15. Why!? Why do you love hurting us?

16. A little smart phone humor…

17. Everyone on I-25! Please listen!!

18. Amen!

19. And your artwork too!

20. Now here’s a welcome invitation if we ever saw one!

21. Brrrrrr….

22. And we thought it was going to be for tithing!

23. That’s because He’s awesome!

24. No words…

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