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A Woman on the Plane Asked This Pastor What He Does. His Answer Is Shockingly Awesome.

If you travel you’ve been asked this question a hundred times, but the way you answer it could change after you listen to this.

People often say to me, they say, John, you know, what do you do? It’s always very difficult to know what to say, because if I say to you that I’m a reverend, which I am, that conjures up certain images in people’s minds as to what I might be. So I like to be a little bit creative in telling people what I do.

I sat next to this lady on an airplane at Heathrow Airport and I said, Hello. And she said, Well, hello. And I said, Where are you going? And she says, I’m going to Singapore. Then she said to me, Where are you going? I said, I’m going to Australia. I said, What do you do? So she told me. Then she said, What do you do?

And I said, Well, I work for a global enterprise, she said. Do you? I said, Yes, I do. I said, We’ve got outlets in nearly every country of the world. She said, Have you? I said, Yes, we have. I said, We’ve got hospitals and hospices and homeless shelters. I said, We do marriage work. We’ve got orphanages, we’ve got feeding programs, educational programs. I said, We do all sorts of justice and reconciliation things. I said, basically, we look after people from birth to death and we deal in the area of behavioral alteration.

She went, Wow!

And it was so loud. Her. Wow! Loads of people turned around and looked at us. She says, What’s it called? I said, It’s called the church.

And that’s it.

Really, isn’t it? If we are a follower of Jesus, then we are part of a global enterprise. But not only is it global, it’s intergalactic because it includes everyone that’s gone before us. Wow.