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How Should You Vote if You Don’t Agree With Either Candidate?

Do you know who you will vote for in November?

What is a believer to do if he or she doesn’t support either candidate? Rick Smith and Todd Wagner from Watermark Community Church seek to give some guidance from scripture as they address this question.

Todd makes the point that as Americans living under a government that strives to be “by the people, for the people,” we have a very serious responsibility to be involved in politics, make informed decisions as we vote, and above all else, encourage and serve.

But how much evil can we tolerate in a candidate? What do we do when it seems the prevailing two-party system is failing us?

First, Todd explains we can’t look to politics to be our savior. Nor should we consider it our sworn enemy. Rather, it is a servant of God.

Secondly, when we evaluate a candidate, we should consider who rules him or her (who are they submitted to?) and what is the direction of their life? Do they consistently lie or endorse things like abortion? If so, we should seriously consider not voting for that candidate.

Finally, what is the point in “throwing away my vote” by endorsing a third-party candidate or even writing someone in on the ballet? Todd gives the example of Abraham Lincoln, who represented the third party when he was elected. The point Todd is emphasizing is that we aren’t throwing away a vote when we vote for righteousness. We need, as he says, “Increased articulation of why we might need a third way.”

The verses Todd references are listed below. As we prepare to vote this fall, may we be led by truth and seek the welfare of our nation.

Jeremiah 29:7 – We need to seek the welfare of the city in which we dwell
Romans 13 – Government is the servant of God – it’s not our sworn enemy
2 Peter 2:13-14 – God establishes governors to punish evil and praise good
Daniel 2:21 – God establishes and removes kings (rulers)

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