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Rosaria Butterfield: 4 Tips for Engaging Gays and Lesbians

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Rosaria Butterfield knows how to talk to people who identify as homosexual. A former lesbian and LGBT advocate, Butterfield had an encounter with Christ that caused a massive change in her life’s trajectory. She is now married to a pastor and has children. She is also the author of a couple books, one of which chronicles her conversion. In the video below, she gives some tips for Christians seeking to engage those in the LGBT community.

First and foremost, Butterfield wants you to know that people are people, no matter what their sexual orientation. “They feed their dogs; they love their children.”

Additionally, she offers these tips:

See them for who they really are

Remember that this person has a soul that will last forever; he or she is an image-bearer of a holy God.

Don’t focus on their sexual orientation

When we focus so much on the particular sin of homosexuality, we become bad listeners. In Butterfield’s case, “Me being a lesbian wasn’t my biggest sin—being an unbeliever was.” Get to know people well enough to know what is really the issue. Don’t get sidetracked with how they identify.

Share your worldview

It’s helpful to be upfront with your worldview as a Christian. Explain why Christians think the way they think. We think all people are distorted by original sin. This is helpful to address before you get into particular sins.

Spend time with people

Spending time lingering with your neighbors will help create an environment where people are encouraged to share their lives.

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