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Francis Chan on Birth Control, Drinking Alcohol and Judging Others


Francis Chan addresses some hot-button issues that Christians find themselves divided over. Things like what is appropriate to wear to church, how other people parent, whether it’s OK to use birth control or not, and the list goes on. He even talks about his personal convictions on drinking alcohol.

If you’ve heard Chan speak before, you might have noticed the personal approach he brings to understanding Scripture. In the sermon below, he starts by reading Colossians 2:13-14. The context of the passage he’s about to go into is that in that church, there was a Jewish sect that would go to extremes to avoid being gluttonous or sinful. They would do things like only eat plain-tasting food or only eat one meal a day. Additionally, they were very judgmental toward people who did not adhere to these extra-Scriptural rules.

Starting at [5:35], Chan addresses hell as “the undiluted wrath of God,” and goes on to explain how God not only bore the punishment that should be ours, but also freed us from judgment from our neighbors. Colossians 2:16 essentially says Jesus died for you, so don’t let others judge you based on rival thinks like eating habits or how you celebrate or how you spend your Sundays.

This is where Chan starts to hit a little closer to home. He gives an example of a time in his life when he would judge people for not wearing nice clothing to church. He talks about judging people based on their parenting before he had children of his own.

The problem with all this judging other believers is that it distracts us from Jesus and what he’s done for us on the cross. Jesus himself is enough, Chan argues. “Don’t tell me I need Jesus plus something else.”

At [17:40], Chan gets really personal with evangelical Christianity, saying we often take the focus off Jesus Christ. We leave conferences, etc. and talk about speakers and singers, but not Jesus.

Furthermore, why do we fight amongst ourselves about issues that aren’t even biblical?

Sometimes we talk about our failures and sin more than Jesus.

At [20:16] he warns: We are in danger of reducing Christianity to a list of things we shouldn’t do (swear, smoke, have sex before marriage).

And you’ll want to hear his personal convictions on drinking alcohol at [21:25].

The video is about 25 minutes long, but represents a good lesson in keeping Jesus the focus of our thinking, our convictions and our interactions with others.