Albert Mohler Kicks Off New School Year at SBTS With Fiery Convocation Address

Southern Baptist

Albert Mohler jump started the new academic year at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. In his Convocation sermon, Mohler made the bold claim, “We’re beginning this academic year in an act of outright intellectual subversion.”

Mohler goes on to make several more strong claims, but his main point is this: Because God’s word is settled, “We’re not trying to figure out what to believe. We’re not trying to figure out what to teach. We’re not trying to figure out what the faith is supposed to be. We’re not trying to figure out how to make the faith more relevant for the modern age. We’re not trying to figure out how to reform theological education in order to try to recover some purpose amongst the ruins of a theology lost.”

Instead, Mohler states they are there to “stand with every faithful teacher throughout the history of the Christian church.”

You can watch a strong segment of his sermon in the video below.

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Megan Briggs
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