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Answer This Question Before Writing a Book

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Having an idea for a book is easy, but writing a book to get that idea out into the world is daunting. Do you contact an agent or mail your submission to a traditional publishing company? Do you try to self-publish, and if so how does that work? 

WestBow Press, a self-publishing division of Thomas Nelson, says the first step to getting your book published is to know your goals. They list 11 potential goals for you to consider for writing a book.

Determine Your Goals for Writing a Book

No author’s goal is to just publish a book: your goal is to change lives. The question is how do you want to go about that? Maybe you travel and speak regularly or have a church community you want to get your thoughts in front of. Or maybe you dream of your book breaking out of the thousands of self-published online books and becoming a bestseller. Maybe you have a thriving social media presence and need help leveraging it toward buying your book.

The truth is there are dozens of options worth considering about your book, including everything from “do I want color print” to “should I have a professional promotional video to promote it?” There are no wrong answers here, just different paths toward fulfilling your specific needs. So step 1 is for you to identify what you want your book to be.

What Is Your Goal for Writing a Book?

Consider these 11 possible goals as you consider why you are writing a book.

  1. Sharing your story with family and friends
  2. Writing to help others overcome a personal obstacle
  3. Writing about your hobby or personal passion
  4. Sharing information on a specialized topic
  5. Writing to build or enhance your professional career
  6. Expressing your deepest thoughts
  7. Writing because you love to write
  8. Seeing if you have what it takes for commercial success
  9. Writing to reach a wide circle of readers
  10. Writing poetry that you want to share with others
  11. Writing for fame

Once your goal is clear, WestBow cuts through the confusion of the publishing process, giving you a clear step-by-step guide, with professionals available to help you along the way. WestBow Press takes the mystery out of self-publishing and provides you with all the help you need to turn your dream into reality. So set up a free consultation today and discover how WestBow can help you!

You can set up a free consultation with one of WestBow’s self-publishing experts today either by filling out the form on their website, or contacting them at 1.866.928.1240.