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In this issue of MinistryTech Magazine, we continue to go about our business of highlighting the tools available to serve the mission. Forward-thinking churches are already beginning to consider which tech changes instituted in response to Covid should become a permanent part of our missional toolkit.

Inside This Issue:
How The Pandemic Has Changed Church
The Ultimate Church Live Streaming Equipment List
7 Ways to Keep Your Church Connected

Vital Tech For Your Church's Return

The tech world is certainly used to change. Improvements and advancements in devices and software are routine now. Everyone is praying for the breakthrough of a Covid vaccine, and indeed, we’ve come to expect lightning-fast tech responses. This year: "returning" means staying flexible.

Inside This Issue:
Microsoft Teams: Safe, Secure and Strong
10 Keys to ChMS Success
5 Tech Reasons People Abandon Giving

The Church Activated: Tech Heroes Connect Us

What started as desktop software is now fully cloud-based and mobile. Church Management Software (ChMS) is now in everyone's purse or pocket. How can your staff keep up with the changes? Here's our annual ChMS review!

Inside This Issue:
2020 ChMS Software Guide
The Best Mixer You May Never Need
4 Essential Keys to Lead Worship Online

The Best Giving Apps To Drive Your Mission

Great tech ministry revolves around service. In fact, the best tech is the tech you don’t notice. In this Winter issue of MinistryTech, you discover sound advice on how to use tech effectively: the data from background checks, how to start recording your worship band, and giving/tithing apps you can rely on!

Inside This Issue:
New Year, New Gear
Decode Background Check Red Flags
Your Easy Learning Curve to Great Sound

From Hi-Tech to Hi-Touch

In this issue of MinistryTech, we focus on the human side of technology. It’s a blessing that the tech partners featured in this issue understand that Church Management Software, apps and all related technology exist to serve the church—the “bride of Christ.” Learn how to provide the “Hi-Touch" that’s so needed along with “Hi-Tech" in the Fall 2019 Issue of MinistryTech Magazine.

Inside This Issue:
Neglect: The Silent Killer of Worship Teams
Do Not Disturb Setting–The Surprising Secret to Sanity
The Subtle Dangers of Church Tech

Presentation Tech to Elevate Your Worship

“If we are honest, most of today’s modern church environments—on a technical level—are essentially concert venues." ~ MinistryTech Magazine’s Worship columnist Mike O’Brien. This issue embraces the stagecraft of church. From the holiest sanctuary to a storefront church, this issue helps you with great advice on lighting, staging, and developing compelling video presentations. Find out how to step up your presentation game in the Summer 2019 issue of MinistryTech Magazine.

Inside This Issue:
How to Choose Church Stage Lighting
The Ten Commandments of Worship Slides
Mobile Church Gear Your Church Can’t (and CAN) Do Without

Social Media Literacy: #Crossculture #Digital #Ministry

The world of social media is where today's ministry meets powerful mission. For many church leaders, though, social media is the epitome of crosscultural ministry. ALL ministers of the gospel require social media literacy. It doesn’t matter whether your title is "pastor,” “administrative assistant” or “IT Professional,” the May 2019 issue of MinistryTech Magazine will increase your ability to speak—and listen—in a world saturated with social media, podcasts and websites.

Inside This Issue:
Special Report: Digital Gold for Christian Families
Cyber Security for Real, Simple Things
12 Go-To Apps For Worship Leading

Best Sound for Every Church Size and Budget

No one thinks sound tech is important until it fails–either with screeching feedback that puts us in the fetal position, or a microphone that goes completely dead. The April 2019 issue of MinistryTech Magazine gives you what you need to know about church sound systems, what microphones go where (and why), and the latest revolution in sound–podcasts. You’ll hear from sound professionals who’ve been there, done that, and made the mistakes–so you don’t have to!

Inside This Issue:
Interview With a Sound Pro
Everything You Need to Know About Church Microphones
Start Your Podcast for Under $100

Church Management Software: Comprehensive Guide and Comparison Chart

The March 2019 double-issue of MinistryTech Magazine features a comprehensive guide to Church Management Software (ChMS), along with useful insights from a wide variety of our partners in this field. You'll discover which ChMS packages are mobile; which packages integrate with texting services; how to use church management software to integrate new members and to disciple existing members.

Inside This Issue:
ChMS Features Comparison Guide
Church Management Software Relationship Status–It's Complicated
Pre-Easter Service A/V Checklist

Live Streaming: Church Tech That Leaves No One Out

There doesn’t have to be a battle between “High-tech” and “High-touch.” When it comes to Christian ministry, churches are finding new ways to share the love of God—and the blessings of community—by using tools like live streaming. In the February 2019 issue of MinistryTech Magazine, don't miss the entry-level articles that will get you started in making your church services available to those who cannot physically attend you location. You might even discover some new members out there!

Inside This Issue:
Live Streaming 101: How to Get Into the Game
The Best New Tech for Small- to Mid-Sized Churches
Gear for Worship Tech

Tech Tools to Reach Digital Natives in Your Kidmin

This issue focuses on the tech needed for successful children's ministry. The January 2019 issue of MinistryTech Magazine's cover story guides you through four key tools for Kid-tech: organization, communication, safety, and creativity. ALSO: Check out how QR codes help integrate family worship with Sunday school lessons. ALSO-ALSO: MinistryTech Magazine takes you beyond the stereotypes of the “guy at the sound board” and gives you five reasons that bad sound may not be his fault!

Inside This Issue:
Your Guide to Must-Have KidMin Tools
5 Reasons It's Not Your Sound Person's Fault
Keep Kids Safe in 2019 (And Protect Your Ministry, Too!)