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10 Ways Worship Leaders and Audio Techs Need to Work Together

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Worship teams and audio techs exist in order to help lead our congregations to worship and love God. We all have the same goal, to provide excellence in leading worship. So why do audio techs and worship leaders frequently experience conflict, having a hard time supporting and respecting one another?

It’s a relationship that is more often strained than healthy. That’s not good because these two people need each other to be successful. Regardless of which role you hold, here are 10 ideas to help you have a great relationship with your counterpart.

10 ways audio techs can support the worship leader

1. Be on time for rehearsal and sound check. Don’t waste the worship team’s time. This usually means mics in place and checked in advance of the scheduled start of rehearsal or sound check.

2. Communicate questions or needs with your worship leader as early as possible so there is still time to accommodate and adapt.

3. Have everything needed set up and turned on before the band gets there. There is much to accomplish in a short time. Use rehearsal time to try different eq’s and mixes in the house or your headphones, but not in the monitors.

4. Do not yell to or at the worship leader from the sound booth. Use a talk back mic or go up and talk to him/her.

5. Ask your worship leader how he wants the mix to sound from a musical perspective. Then, try to accomplish that. More lead? More snare? Less background vocal?

6. If the worship leader asks you to do something, do it as soon as possible and with a smile.

7. If you have to question the worship leader about something, or need to make a suggestion, do it privately and not in front of the worship team. It’s important that the leader can trust your intentions and it’s hard if they feel embarrassed.

8. Remember the worship leader has many things to consider and is looking out for the good of the whole congregation. Remember there are no sides, everyone is in this together.

9. Own up to your mistakes.

10. Pray for your worship leader and remember that, just like every artist, they have insecurities and are putting their art out there for everyone to judge. Take every opportunity you can to be supportive and encouraging.